Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Activity

Decided the girls need something new to do, the question is what?

Charlotte really needs to get a handle on her swimming or lack of it but there are so many different swim schools how an earth do you decide.  Being a home schooler I thought I would just teach her myself but out of all the subjects we do and have great fun with swimming is turning out to be not a lot of fun for either of us!!!  I imagined as I was a good swimmer I would just be able to teach her but she seems to float vertically and no amount of helping or use of floatation devices seems to be changing that.  Our usual calm relationship with learning is becoming strained and frustrated as she becomes more cross with me that I don't seem able to teach her to swim!! I think it is swim school time.

The other one (who is only 2.5 years old) dances around all the time and I think she would rather enjoy some preschool ballet if I can find it but so far I can find preschool music but not dance, sure there must be something somewhere.

Then I would really like to find something sporty (other than swimming for my 5 year old) I liked the look of Sea Scouts or rather she did but unfortunately her age group no longer runs near us.  Someone suggested to me Girls Brigade but wonder if it will be a bit girly for her, she is a real action kid, likes to climb trees and get grubby!

This weeks task finding something new and fun for the kids to do!  Maybe skiing? now that would be fun!

Friday, 11 November 2011


Doesn't it just feel like ages since the sun shined the way it did today.  It's amazing how good the sunshine makes you feel, being able to have doors and windows open.  The kids playing outside today was just a thrill, we even had the sprinkler and water bombs going at one point. 

You forget how the dark months can bring your mood down, it isn't until that big beautiful sun comes out that you realise you have been hiding in a shell for months, wrapped up to the nines and getting in and out as quickly as possible to the warmth of your cosy house.

I actually wanted to go for a walk today, the thought was a pleasant one rather than one of necessity and
'exercise' I was excited at the thought of getting on our shoes and wandering along with the girls just enjoying life.

Life is good...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A lesson in looking after yourself

It was inevitable I suppose that eventually you crash if you work long hours and your kids keep you up all night every night!!

Today was the day, I got to lunch time and started feeling unwell.  My lovely Mum put me to bed after I handed out all my tasks to everyone else in the office (something I am not very good at doing!) and I crashed in the comfort of guest room.  I slept for six hours straight...I had no idea I was so tired and so completely exhausted.

I think as Mums we forget to take time for us, we believe we can just keep going partly because we simply have to.  I don't know what people without family support do.  I know as a single Mum without the support of my family life would be so very difficult.  It's so good to have people in your life even as a fully grown adult who tell you it's time to stop, sit down and take time out.

I really do need to make a concerted effort to take the time off I need to keep my batteries recharged emotionally and physically.  It's hard when you are busy to work out how to do that but if you don't you crash and not always at the most useful times!! 

So this weeks lesson for myself is find that time off and take it. 

Signing off    Kate x

Monday, 7 November 2011

Balancing Act - Work vs Homeschool

Another weekend gone and another new week started.  The time really does fly when your having fun!

Woken up at 5.30 am again this morning by my beautiful little red headed firecracker Rosie (2 years old) I am struggling to keep my eyes open this morning and rather desperately wish I drank coffee!  I am only glad that on top of everything else I don't have a school run to rush and around and get ready for.

I always knew I wanted to home school but when the idea first planted itself I was married with a secure home and income (well as secure as these things can be).  Basically though the hubby would work and I was to home school.  When my marriage broke down shortly before little Rosie was born I realised to home school now was going to be really difficult.   How to be bread winner, Mum and teacher now seemed to pose an absolute mountain of impossibilities.

KidzGrab I hope will hope with the bread winner side of things but no amount of financial security can help with how to split your time into enough pieces to make sure all your family are getting what they need from you.

Charlotte home schools next to me on her own desk attached to mine.  It has the advantage that with me working too I am setting the ultimate example!!  Little Rosie is set up on the coffee table come activity station with drawing and craft.  At the moment it is doable, hard but doable.  My office staff found it all very strange but have grown used to them being around, I have even caught them teaching and drawing with them (even though they should be working he he ). 

It really is a hard one though the work/personal life balancing act and in all that then trying to find that precious 'me' time is the holy grail.  Not as important to me as it is to the people around me who have my health and sanity in their hearts!  I am glad and grateful to have folks who nudge me to take time off, who have the girls so I can take in a movie.  Without family support I am not sure how anything is possible and I am more thankful for family than anything else in the world!

Signing off     Kate x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday 6th November 2011

At last I have finally found the time to start the all important blog!  I don't know where the time has disappeared to over the last few months.  I have never been so busy in my whole life!

From the begining a quick catchup on what's happened so far...sounds like the start of your favorite TV show!  About eight months ago now I was on my way to a ballet class with my eldest Charlotte (who is 5...sorry 5 and a half!) and we were talking about all the things we simply couldn't afford to do. I felt pretty miserable when she left for her ballet, wishing so desperately I could give her the world but as a single Mum with two girls knowing that most things were simply too expensive and we have just about enough to struggle from one week to the next, we are of course extraordinarily lucky compared to most in the world and I am thankful everyday for what we do have and not what we don't.  I digress so on this particular occasion I was feeling sorry for myself.

I had one of those lightbulb moments that don't happen very often.  I grabbed what I could find to write on which happened to be a rather disgusting, dirty old post it note and went bonkers, filling in every conceivable space with text.  'KidzGrab' was born in those moments.

KidzGrab is a daily deal site for kids, everything on our site is for them.  Great deals on everything from toys through to trips out and about with family.  It was at the time of launch the only such site of it's kind in New Zealand, totally unique and original.  We launched last month to great interest and a strong following immediately.  We have companies lining up to place deals onto the site which has exceeded my wildest imaginings!

So here we are just two weeks into the site being launched and what a couple of weeks it's been.  Our launch was delayed by technical hitches that well nearly gave me heart failure at times but all in all the first weeks have been a blast.  We are building up the database which grows exponentially daily and is a thrill to watch and I sit not quite believing that it is all happening.

It is without meaning to moan however the hardest job I have ever done (apart from parenthood for a totally different set of reasons!) the hours are long, territory unknown and then just this week the 'big boys' start fishing in our, up till now empty fishpond.  I can't say I wasn't a little grumpy by Grabone jumping on our band wagon but I suppose looked at in a positive light they liked our idea and the fact they quickly launched they own site is somewhat of a compliment!

We are very different though and as with all sales life would be pretty boring if you only had the choice of one place to shop!  Time will tell how we dig out our individual path and I won't let the 'big kids' intimidate me!  We are quite different in our approaches of course which will help us.  Our site is very much designed to be in keeping with the whole kids theme we tried very hard to get over the feeling of family, togetherness and fun through our site and also our social networking pages (social networking will save for another blog, wow what a ride that is!!)

There we are then our first blog, totally up to speed well the shortened version of what's been going on.  I am really looking forward to writing and sharing the experience. 

My main reason for blogging has to be the fact that I am a Mum on my own, home schooling my two girls and I really want to let other Mum's know that it is possible, we are an important part of society and we can do amazing things when we are given the chance to shine.

Signing off        Kate x