Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A lesson in looking after yourself

It was inevitable I suppose that eventually you crash if you work long hours and your kids keep you up all night every night!!

Today was the day, I got to lunch time and started feeling unwell.  My lovely Mum put me to bed after I handed out all my tasks to everyone else in the office (something I am not very good at doing!) and I crashed in the comfort of guest room.  I slept for six hours straight...I had no idea I was so tired and so completely exhausted.

I think as Mums we forget to take time for us, we believe we can just keep going partly because we simply have to.  I don't know what people without family support do.  I know as a single Mum without the support of my family life would be so very difficult.  It's so good to have people in your life even as a fully grown adult who tell you it's time to stop, sit down and take time out.

I really do need to make a concerted effort to take the time off I need to keep my batteries recharged emotionally and physically.  It's hard when you are busy to work out how to do that but if you don't you crash and not always at the most useful times!! 

So this weeks lesson for myself is find that time off and take it. 

Signing off    Kate x

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