Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Activity

Decided the girls need something new to do, the question is what?

Charlotte really needs to get a handle on her swimming or lack of it but there are so many different swim schools how an earth do you decide.  Being a home schooler I thought I would just teach her myself but out of all the subjects we do and have great fun with swimming is turning out to be not a lot of fun for either of us!!!  I imagined as I was a good swimmer I would just be able to teach her but she seems to float vertically and no amount of helping or use of floatation devices seems to be changing that.  Our usual calm relationship with learning is becoming strained and frustrated as she becomes more cross with me that I don't seem able to teach her to swim!! I think it is swim school time.

The other one (who is only 2.5 years old) dances around all the time and I think she would rather enjoy some preschool ballet if I can find it but so far I can find preschool music but not dance, sure there must be something somewhere.

Then I would really like to find something sporty (other than swimming for my 5 year old) I liked the look of Sea Scouts or rather she did but unfortunately her age group no longer runs near us.  Someone suggested to me Girls Brigade but wonder if it will be a bit girly for her, she is a real action kid, likes to climb trees and get grubby!

This weeks task finding something new and fun for the kids to do!  Maybe skiing? now that would be fun!

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