Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday 6th November 2011

At last I have finally found the time to start the all important blog!  I don't know where the time has disappeared to over the last few months.  I have never been so busy in my whole life!

From the begining a quick catchup on what's happened so far...sounds like the start of your favorite TV show!  About eight months ago now I was on my way to a ballet class with my eldest Charlotte (who is 5...sorry 5 and a half!) and we were talking about all the things we simply couldn't afford to do. I felt pretty miserable when she left for her ballet, wishing so desperately I could give her the world but as a single Mum with two girls knowing that most things were simply too expensive and we have just about enough to struggle from one week to the next, we are of course extraordinarily lucky compared to most in the world and I am thankful everyday for what we do have and not what we don't.  I digress so on this particular occasion I was feeling sorry for myself.

I had one of those lightbulb moments that don't happen very often.  I grabbed what I could find to write on which happened to be a rather disgusting, dirty old post it note and went bonkers, filling in every conceivable space with text.  'KidzGrab' was born in those moments.

KidzGrab is a daily deal site for kids, everything on our site is for them.  Great deals on everything from toys through to trips out and about with family.  It was at the time of launch the only such site of it's kind in New Zealand, totally unique and original.  We launched last month to great interest and a strong following immediately.  We have companies lining up to place deals onto the site which has exceeded my wildest imaginings!

So here we are just two weeks into the site being launched and what a couple of weeks it's been.  Our launch was delayed by technical hitches that well nearly gave me heart failure at times but all in all the first weeks have been a blast.  We are building up the database which grows exponentially daily and is a thrill to watch and I sit not quite believing that it is all happening.

It is without meaning to moan however the hardest job I have ever done (apart from parenthood for a totally different set of reasons!) the hours are long, territory unknown and then just this week the 'big boys' start fishing in our, up till now empty fishpond.  I can't say I wasn't a little grumpy by Grabone jumping on our band wagon but I suppose looked at in a positive light they liked our idea and the fact they quickly launched they own site is somewhat of a compliment!

We are very different though and as with all sales life would be pretty boring if you only had the choice of one place to shop!  Time will tell how we dig out our individual path and I won't let the 'big kids' intimidate me!  We are quite different in our approaches of course which will help us.  Our site is very much designed to be in keeping with the whole kids theme we tried very hard to get over the feeling of family, togetherness and fun through our site and also our social networking pages (social networking will save for another blog, wow what a ride that is!!)

There we are then our first blog, totally up to speed well the shortened version of what's been going on.  I am really looking forward to writing and sharing the experience. 

My main reason for blogging has to be the fact that I am a Mum on my own, home schooling my two girls and I really want to let other Mum's know that it is possible, we are an important part of society and we can do amazing things when we are given the chance to shine.

Signing off        Kate x


  1. Way to go Kate. We're right behind you 100%! Great to see a real person getting in there and giving it a go, instead of the corporate giants.

    And, as you say... feel flattered! If the big-nuts decide it's worth trying to poach your idea, it can only be because they see in you an idea that has come to it's time! (And they want a slice of the pie too!)

    Congratulations, hang in there, and well done! From everyone at

  2. Thanks KIWIreviews, it so good to know we have so many wonderful people and companies helping and supporting us. It makes the journey so much more enjoyable.

    You just can't worry about the things that are out of your control - something I find insanely difficult but is a total waste of my energy.

    Just keep moving forward, day by day and knowing that we have something special, it's not just another page in a different colour it's a whole new experience!

    Thanks Guys, you are most awesome!

  3. Its a great site and I know I would personally much rather use you guys to the larger sites who tend to offer rather poor customer service!

  4. That's awesome thanks Sterryn


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