Thursday, 26 January 2012

Advertising what works? - On a business Note

As you may or may not know 'KidzGrab' was set up by my parents and I.  I am a single Mum with two little girls Charlotte and Rosie and my parents are both 'retired' (however they seem more busy these days than before they retired!!)

Our start-up has been challenging  but not necessarily in the ways I expected.  We now have businesses coming to us which is absolutely fabulous and we have deals planned for the next two months, with some of the bigger companies joining our site too (so excited!!).  The technology which at first seemed intimidating is now second nature and I have rediscovered my love for talking to people and writing!

The hardest part is letting people know we are here, that 'KidzGrab' exists.  We don't have a huge advertising budget so we are limited in our options.  Social media is our main avenue and thanks to the Auckland Parent & child show we certainly put ourselves on the Daily Deal map but now we have to think bigger and on a budget that's hard.

Advertising is insanely expensive whether that's rag advertising, radio or television, it is all so limiting.  I know that word of mouth is the great advertising and I just hope when parents discover us they tell their friends too.  It's so hard though when you have all these fab ideas running through your brain and you are limited by what you can afford, especially when you have put so much passion and work into a project.

Like so many businesses I am sure,  I just wish I had a limitless budget for advertising.  Of course the other problem is where do you actually choose to spend the advertising dollars you do have?  There is so much choice, so many avenues to explore. 

In what ways do you get your business out there?  What works and doesn't work for you? 

Kate x

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