Thursday, 5 January 2012

Baby Weight

Can you still call it 'baby weight' if your baby is nearly 2 and a half?  That was my question to myself last week when I realised I do not have a single pair of trousers left that I can squeeze into! 

The reality of my situation has finally hit me and after a series of illnesses over the last couple of years I think I have finally woken up to the fact that if I don't do something about my weight issues my kids are not going to have their Mum around for as long as they should.

It seems like that for all of my adult life I have been overweight, one diet after another and one failure after another.  Somehow though this feels different and this time I have enlisted the help of the professionals rather than some dreadful fad diet found on my search for the easy option via Google! 

Yesterday I joined 'Weight Watchers' and today I took myself to the supermarket and bought things I have never even noticed on the shelves, it was a totally invigorating experience and an eye opener too.  I hadn't realised how much rubbish I normally buy, my shopping bill was half what it is usually!  I was suprised I imagined that with all these new foods and the like my bill would be more expensive.

So it is with love in my heart, courage in my walk that I journey once more in a quest for lost kg's and better health except this time I am going to change my lifestyle for good not just for a couple of weeks.  '

For me, For Charlotte and For my Little Rosie and setting a good example of how to eat properly, fresh food complimented with a good splattering of exercise for all of us.....wish me luck!!


  1. It's only 1.25 and I am hungry..pathetic. I wouldn't mind but I am not usually hungry like this, so much of it is in the mind!! Ignore....keep working....go for a walk maybe that might an apricot that might stave off the hunger!!

  2. Kate you crack me up. I so could have written this post :) Well done on taking the plunge:) I am hanging out for my meeting to start back next week but will be paying for 'lost kgs' I seem to have found over Christmas ;) Turns out they were hiding in the chocolates I was given ;)
    Always happy for company on our walks, just let us know if the urge takes you :)

  3. Well done for taking the first step :) I hope the apricot helped today. I know I felt like I was actually going to starve to death the first few days. I will be getting back to my meeting on Monday which is not before time as i have found a couple of lost kgs over Xmas. Turns out they were hiding in the chocolates i was given ;) Who knew ;)
    We are always available for company on walks if needed :)

  4. Thanks Sterryn, I am so relieved the first day is over, it felt like the longest day ever!!!!


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