Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Biggest Challenge - Mum's Roast Dinner!

Day Four of my new life and feeling pretty good!  I was definitely less hungry yesterday than the day before.  Although note to myself I do not like weight watchers beef stroganoff recipe, it is not a good replacement for the real thing and it was the closest I have come to throwing a hissy fit!!

Today, being Sunday will present the weeks greatest challenge as I head over to Mum's for what is the traditional Sunday family lunch.  We all get together and usually have lunch at Mum's, it is basically Christmas lunch every Sunday.  My Mum is an awesome cook and her food is so hard to refuse.  I am going today and somehow I have to work out the values of everything, not quite sure how to do this.  I think I am going to have to just skip the yorkshire pudding and maybe one roast potato instead of the usual four or even five!! 

It is quite incredible what you realise when you start to anaylise how you eat.  I really didn't think I ate that badly I would have said I probably eat a little too much but in actual fact what I have learned in this four days so far is I reckon I have been eating double what my body actually needs. 

The exercise is harder than the food, my neck and back are sorely limiting what I can do.  I did some light stretchers this morning and set to on a work out I found only to stop five minutes in knowing I was about to put my back out.  A bit of history about me at this point is that I have two artificial discs in my neck and the discs up and down my back and have pretty much given up on life.  I find it really hard to do anything but walk and I know, walking is great and really good for you but I have to be truthful I find it an absolute bore.  Although walking along the beach is nice with the kids.....I just wish this rain would go away.

I played Wii fit yesterday with my eldest daughter which was quite good fun, not sure how much 'exercise' was had from it but enough to raise my heart rate a little.  I suppose anything from nothing is an improvement!

I swear when I got dressed this morning my jeans didn't feel quite so uncomfortable, I know it's probably my imagination at this point but I do feel better mentally already - I feel like I have a positivity in my attitude I haven't seen for years.  I just hope it lasts, I have been here so many times before!

Reason 3

I want to be able to wear nice clothes with shape and that fit well instead of tent like clothing that just 'hangs' to cover the lumps and bumps.

Have a great Sunday folks!

Kate x


  1. You go Kate! The changes you have made in just 4 days are A-MA-ZING!
    If your jeans feel looser already, hang on to it - believe it.
    Remember to enjoy your lunch, savour it and it will taste even better.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Thanks ValerieB I did enjoy the roast even once I had sprayed my roasted instead of the normal way and you know what it tasted just as good. I managed to keep to one potato instead of four!! I filled my plate with veges and pretended to be enthusiast as I munched my way through a ton of cabbage!!! It was nice though joking apart and I made it through!!

  3. Well done. Mum's cooking is hard to refuse trust me I know my mother is a fantabulous cook and she can eat ANYTHING and stay thin.

    Walking is boring but we are lucky that we live on the hibiscus coast such a beautiful environment to enjoy. Try some Zumba you can go at your own pace I am very unco but I still enjoy it, it is good on those wet days.

    I hear you about not realizing what you eat, I thought there was nothing too sinister about my diet until I changed it. I must admit though I miss the carbs :( I think I would prefer weight watchers where nothing is off limits but the thought of trying to work out the points value of everything does my head in.

    I enjoy reading your blog it is nice to have someone going through the same thing :) I got a call from my editior the Treasures Mag will be out in 3 weeks and the whole country is going to see me in tight leggings ( gag)

  4. Me too Jesse - Good on you it's very brave to put yourself out there in public - I can't wait to get the magazine! We are lucky living here, it's easy to forget, went down to feed the ducks this morning and although there wasn't a duck in sight it was lovely!


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