Friday, 6 January 2012

First Day Over and onto the next!

With day 1 of the diet or should I say the 'new life' in full swing I am relieved.  I woke up today and my eldest Charlotte instantly started badgering me to go to the beach.  I made her a promise yesterday knowing if I promised I couldn't break it!  Trying not to be exceedingly grumpy I put on my slacks and pumps and off we marched to the beach.  Charlotte was bemused by the speed we were walking at probably thinking that she had never seen her Mum walk faster than a snail's pace.

The kids play in the sand whilst I attempt to do some stretching and exercises which make my hamstrings feel like they are going to snap before collasping on the sand and building the biggest sand castle ever.

Looking at my girls I realised the bigger reason for being here was the awesome time we were all having laughing and playing, it was so lovely.   It's very hard when you work full time(even if your kids are at home with me like mine are) to find that time in the day for some really good quality time together without interuption from the telephone, texts, emails etc and I realised I was longing for it desperately.  Suddenly the exercise is secondry to being out which somehow makes it a hundred times easier.

We splashed around in the water until we were all soaked and marched home for good measure.  When we got home I told Charlotte that tomorrow if it wasn't raining we would go again and if I growled to remind me what fun we had today!!

I like the section in my weight watchers book that makes you list reasons why you want to lose weight and thought I might share them one by one each day!

Reason 1 - I want to be here for my girls for as long as possible

Have a great day!

Kate x

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