Monday, 23 January 2012

High on Life!

I am feeling so healthy after just three weeks.  I can't believe what a difference I have noticed in different areas of my life - I am sleeping better, my clothes fit better, I have more energy, I am not as grumpy(!), my hair and nails seems brighter and stronger, I am more motivated and far less stressed out.

I am finding it hard to believe it myself that a change of diet albeit a massive change in diet could impact so many different areas of my life is such a positive way.  There are simply no negative aspects to this lifestyle change at all.

Yes of course I could moan about the lack of junk food and how I miss chocolate but that's not a negative because it has actually been making me feel pretty awful. I just didn't realise how awful till I got rid of it all.  Missing it doesn't match how good I feel without it!

I have been struggling with the exercise but something unexpected happened there too last night.  I have been doing Tae bo on You Tube and I finished the work out and at the end the guy who runs it whilst doing the warm down exercises talks to you really calmly about taking care of yourself.  By the end I found myself on the floor weeping into the floor overcome by the changes I was making and I realised how awful I have been feeling about myself for an awfully long time.  My confidence has taken such a battering over the last few years with the break up of my marriage, the weight gain, singledom but most of all the illness that has plagued my life for the last three years of my life.

Whatever this man said to me via the strange world of cyber space hit a note for me.  I found myself dragging my (still rather large) butt off the floor and doing another 15 minutes on my cross trainer and I cried my way through it feeling like I was on the best high I have ever had from anything in ages!!!  Me high on exercise, can you even contemplate that thought!!!! 

Today I feel like I could take on the world!   For the first time in my life, losing weight actually seems really possible and totally within my grasp.

Have a great day

Kate x

P.s The picture is of me and my big brother at Spookers this week - What a great night we had running around like big kids!!!

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