Sunday, 15 January 2012

'In the Sand' I'm not helping much am I Mum!

My exercise for yesterday as I discovered this morning when I tried to move my sore aching body, was digging a massive hole in the sand for my daughters down at Wenderholm beach yesterday.

We decided to ignore the threatening rain and head to the beach for the day.  It was absolutely glorious even when the rain came for a few minutes at a time to be honest it was a welcome relief from the heat.  It was so good to get out of the house and just relax on the beach.  The kids absolutely loved it.  When I was a child my Dad used to dig me these huge holes that I then used to turn into a house, with sand beds and chairs...I would spend hours playing in these holes.   It was so funny to see history repeating itself with my two little girls faces peeping over the top of their hole yesterday. 

I have realised that no extra exercise was needed for me yesterday so it did more than just entertain my kids!  I built up a huge sweat in the heat digging and my arm muscles, well I feel like Michelin woman this morning!! 

We packed a picnic which would usually have been full of crisps and 'special treats' and instead had fresh fruit, ww bars and salads.  It was a little strange but the kids just enjoyed having a picnic and didn't seem to mind the lack of crap!!  Only slightly annoying thing was I forgot to bring a fork to actually eat my salad!! Good job I have such a lovely Mum who dropped one down to me and we sat chatting together, something I always love and treasure every second of.

The 'lifestyle change' is going really well and so far I am really enjoying sticking to my new life.  I can already see the changes when I look in the mirror and my slightly too tight trousers are already feeling a little less uncomfortable.  I do struggle at dinner time knowing what to cook, I do get stuck for ideas.

I have an allergy to eggs, lamb and pork which really limits choice.  I have found a couple of recipes I really like but know I need to find some more recipes if I don't want to get bored and stray. I have just purchased a job lot of weight watchers magazines from good old trademe so I am hoping there will be lots of good ideas in there for me.  There wasn't enough recipes I would cook in their cookbook to tempt me to buy it, not because it wasn't a beautiful book but because I am limited by the allergies.

I also got back on my cross trainer.  I was really worried about my back so I have started off very gently, I thought perhaps if I could get those core muscles back in shape ( I say that like they once were!!) then it would support my back better and I might be able to do more.

The weather has helped so much in helping me to get more motivated and get moving.  The rain made me want to give up!

The very big upside to our day at the beach yesterday was the kids came home and were in bed by 6.30 soundo.  Mind you I followed by 8pm!!!!!  

Have a great Sunday folks!

Kate x

Reason 9 for losing weight

Being a good example to my two girls


  1. I love your reason 9, I too want to teach my girls good eating habits. My family have annoying good metabolisms that I missed out on. My mother never taught me nutrition because it was never something she had to worry about until now at 51 when she is asking my for diet advice lol.

    Go the beach great to get out with the kids! I love reading your blog.

    1. Thanks Jesse, it's actually incredibly good therapy there also has to be something said about being public with your weight loss somehow think it will be harder to fail as I will have to face it publicly!!! I too missed the great metabolism the rest of the women in my family have. My sister is a stick pin along with Mum who has never had to worry about their weight. I only have to look at a cake!!


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