Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Midnight Munchies

Nearly arrived at the weigh in for week two and just as nervous as I was last week!

I have had another fantastic week and sticking to all the new changes really well.  The only thing I am still finding difficult is the whole 10pm snacking thing I used to do.  I was forever sneaking off to bed with a plate of cheese and biscuits to watch a movie.  Going off to bed to watch my movie with mint tea in hand isn't quite so much fun and it's the only time I feel deprived on this new routine!

However my sensible side says I shouldn't have got into such an atrocious habit in the first place and even if you are an ideal weight you shouldn't be eating at that time of night!  Not even sure where or when these habits started.  I think for me probably it's loneliness comfort eating.  I have been split from my husband now for two and a half years now and bed time is still the hardest time of the day, when you are on your own. 

Even my eldest has finally found her way back to her own bed now, well most nights anyway! Being on your own takes a lot of getting used to.  I find myself wondering where to sleep in the bed, one set of pillows or two and the most dangerous time for me as far as eating is concerned are these times.  It somehow fills the void eating that bar of chocolate or buttering those biscuits.  Having picnics in bed I suppose I just got used to it.  Two weeks of not doing it has probably been my hardest test to date.

Now I have thoroughly depressed myself I will move on to tell you my good news!!!  I love trademe, total addict although feel they are getting a bit greedy with their commission though.  I put a load of $1 auctions on this week which unfortunately went for $1 I then discover that they take 50cents from each!!!!  So not really worth it me thinks!  However on the other hand got myself an amazing deal this week a really lovely lady sold me 24 copies of the weight watchers magazine plus she threw in two cookbooks for $5.00 !!  I couldn't believe my luck, considering Mum bought me this months weight watchers mag for $6.95 it was the deal of the century.

I have fulfilled the promise I made myself last week and found something to join. I searched high and low for something new to get me exercising.  It turns out the new Northern Arena are giving away free 10 day passes so I thought why not try something completely new.  You can try their gym, take a class or two even go to the aqua aerobics class.  So wish me good luck I am going today before I pick Charlotte up from her holiday fun day (Which I will tell you about tomorrow - totally awesome Kelly Sports!!)

Have a great day!

Kate x

Reason 10 for wanting to lose weight

I want to be able to walk to the beach and back without being out of breath


  1. Northern Arena are great my eldest daughter has her swimming lessons there it is a really nice facility. I prefer going for a walk though as I can't give up when I get tired as I have to get home lol.

    I was a night snacker too, weight watchers jelly is a good one it is zero points and the weight watchers hot chocolate :)

    Keep going you are awesome !

    1. WW jelly sounds like an awesome idea, love jelly will have to go check it out!! Thanks Jesse


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