Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mint Tea My New Muse

Yesterday was easier than I expected, always nice when that happens!  I managed to get through the day without touching a single square of chocolate...for me quite miraculous so feeling awfully proud of myself this morning!

I got a whiff of some mint tea and it reminded me of my favourite chocolate 'Mint Aero' and it stirred my cravings so I thought what the hell I will try it you never know.  Not only do I absolutely love mint tea, it strangely dealt with my chocolate cravings perfectly it is like drinking liquid aeros bizarre!!!

Apparently mint tea is great for a plethora of different ailments including over the digestive system, causing a small anesthesia of the gastric mucous membrane. It also stimulates digestion.  Mint can treat diarrhea, gastric fever or toxic infections. It stimulates the biliary secretion and helps the digestion of fats. I particularly like the last one - digestion of fats!!!

Horrible weather again today and I have to admit to not being able to budge myself to go out for a walk in it.  Might have to resort to a 'Wiggles Workout' with the kids again later!!  Out of everything I am finding the exercise side of things more challenging than the food.  I might have a search through the local directory see if I can't find a class that interests me.  I enjoyed playing netball and doing Zumba but now my back won't allow me to do either.  I need to find something gentle but effective and most of all interesting preferably not Yoga or pilates as I tried both and found them as entertaining as watching paint dry!   I know, I know they are both so good for you and that should be reason enough but I just find it interminably boring !

The kids are getting used to the new meals in the house - Charlotte looked rather ominous when I gave her a wholemeal pita filled with salad instead of the usual ham sandwich but she really enjoyed it.  They are both adapting well to the change.  It's quite hard to find recipes that work for weight watchers and that a 2 and 5 year old will eat.  I think perhaps the challenge makes it more interesting though.  I am definitely going to buy the cook book from the meeting this week.  I am also going to get myself some electric scales, just wish I could afford the weight watchers ones but at $99 they are a bit out of my price range!

Quest for today find a new interest and join up!

Reason 5 for losing weight

I would be able to run around with the kids more and have more energy

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