Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My First Weigh In

Sitting here sipping my mint tea (!!) contemplating is my first weigh in at weight watchers since I joined.  I feel like I have lost a couple of pounds definitely, I certainly deserve too, when I think of everything I have cut out of my life in just one week.  I half expect to get to the meeting and find I have gained because I didn't understand the instructions and ate more than I was supposed to or something awful like that!

I am really nervous for myself, quite mad really.  I can understand the psychology behind the meetings that you actually have to face up to yourself every week and be honest to yourself and in a public place just to make it doubly hard.  I wonder what the statistics are for success compared to people who try to go it alone without help.  I know myself that over the last 20 years I am yet to succeed on my own with weight loss.  I feel a lot more determined this time with all this support each week and advice.  I did once try slimming world in the UK and had some success with that but I couldn't maintain the whole green and red day deal.  Weight watchers does seem more like a lifestyle change you could actually do everyday of your life without it interfering too much or being too difficult - we shall see early days still.

There has been an interesting by product of this first week, I have found my interest in cooking returning.  New challenges mean time spent in the kitchen is more interesting again.  I wrote my shopping list with great excitement last night as I tried to plan my week (something totally alien to me...planning of any description!!) I used to work as a chef, which probably hasn't helped the weight gain and over the years I have become absolutely bored with cooking. Recently it had been a case of what was quickest and easiest. 

For the last six months since we started the set up for KidzGrab my lovely Mummy has been cooking for me and the girls.  My folks are so supportive to me and my girls I am so very lucky.  The only problem with my Mum's dinners however is that they taste too good and I have way more than I should!!  I have banned myself from eating from Mum's until I get my life under control and I can cope with everyone else eating a plate full of roasties without me!!!   I did manage on Sunday though, it wasn't too mouth did water as I watched everyone eat the yorkshire puds though fresh out of the oven but I managed it!!

Will check in later and let you know how I did at the meeting, keep everything crossed for me!!!!

Reason 6 for losing weight

I would like to take some pressure off my joints by not carrying around so much weight

Have a good one

Kate x


  1. Feeling very chuffed with myself - my first weigh in went well so much better than I imagined,I lost 2 Kg in my first week. After getting over my initial dissapointment of not being my ideal weight after just one week (I jest, lol) I am thrilled. It's a pretty good start!

  2. Well Done Kate! Your changes were huge so you deserved a huge loss. 2 kg in a week is HUGE! I am so jealous. ;-)
    Remember that the changes need to be sustainable so don't ask too much of yourself each week. Focus on one habit to change.
    As to the statistics "members who attend meetings lose 30% more weight than those that go it alone".
    You know how you are listing your reasons to lose weight - YOU also need to remember them and acknowledge when you have achieved them. It was a great motivator when I could tick off my list as "Done It"!
    Keep going!

  3. Thank you Valerie - You are such a great motivator thank you. My goal this week is a simple and all I want to achieve - write everything down oh and maybe a little bit more exercise!!! The weather looks to be brightening so won't be able to use that as an excuse!!!


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