Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My new Secret Weapon - African Mango

I slept well last night for the second night in a row.  I think I am finally learning how to sleep again.  You see my children up till now haven't really been that great at night.  It fact it would be fair to say they were both nightmarish! After nearly six years and only two years for the little one they are finally sleeping in their own beds (most of the time!) and sleeping all through the night.

For the first few months in fact I would go as far as to say these last six months I have not been able to sleep.  I have been so used to being woken up on the hour every hour for years that I had forgotten how to sleep.  I don't know if the change of diet, lack of caffeine, extra exercise but for the last two nights I have slept and I mean really slept.  I can't believe it, it felt like I would never sleep properly again, it's bloody wonderful!

Yesterday was my first weigh in at weight watchers.  I was so nervous as I stood in the queue I even wimped out at one point pretended I needed to get something just so I could move to the back of the queue again!! (How ridiculous is that!!)  I stepped up to the scales feeling like I was on trial, not that the ladies made me feel like that, they are just lovely but I made me feel like that.  Suddenly I felt like I hadn't done enough, hadn't tried hard enough and I was bound to have failed.  As I watched the scales flutter about and rest gently 2 KG under my starting weight I could have jumped round the room yelling 'YES' at the top of my voice - instead I calmly stepped off the scale and gratefully accepted the lovely 'well done' from the lady behind the desk.  I just can't believe it, I feel so ready to carry on!

I suspect though a little bit like a relationship this is the 'honeymoon period' and in a few months I will hit that brick wall where the going gets tough but for the time being I am going to enjoy the ride because right now I am flying high and feel unstoppable!

Researching my change of life I have been reading about supplements, vitamins, minerals that sort of thing.  I have started taking garlic for the pain in my joints which my Dad reckons helped his similar pain and of course it's also a great natural antibiotic if I remember rightly.  Plus I have found a good multivitamin with evening primrose to help me through that 'time of the month' and now a new one in my arsenal which is 'Super African Mango'  I have read heaps about it's effects on weight loss and that as part of a diet it can be hugely beneficial as well as claiming to lower cholesterol (so my Mum is trying it to!!) found this awesome company that does a huge range of natural health products here in NZ at really good prices.  My Mango supplement arrived just 24 hours after I ordered it!! Pretty amazing service I thought to myself!

Read some incredible testimonials about this product, yet to know for myself but according to my research African mango is indigenous to coastal west Africa. It is an age-old Cameroonian bush medicine, its amazing properties apparently helping to budge fat and even lower blood fat levels.

The African mango, Irvingia gabonesis, is unlike other mangoes in that it produces an edible protein-rich seed that is commonly used in Cameroonian cooking. Extracts from the seeds are available in a tablet form, dubbed the 'breakthrough supplement.'

The capsules were given the boost they needed when Oprah's Doctor Oz gave the capsules his endorsement last year.  He then boasted to losing 7 pounds without making any changes at all to his diet or routine.  Studies that I have found on my google (good old google! What did we actually do before Google??!!)  searches are the same.  So is this just another fad supplement? or the real deal?   It is being hailed as the new wonder diet supplement and when used at the same time as a sensible lifestyle change can achieve amazing results.....will let you know!!

With the break in the weather I have a feeling my 'it's raining' excuse won't cut it with my daughter Charlotte tomorrow and we will be back to walking!

I have completed yesterdays task or perhaps the day before's and found an aqua aerobics class to join in Silverdale and Whangapaoroa just waiting on times.  North Arena is letting you try their facilities for free for a week at the moment so though I might try that first!

Have a Fab day !

Kate x

Reason 7 for losing weight

To stay with my kids and NOT end up in hospital this year for anything!


  1. Intriguing info on the Mango. The best thing if you can get them here they taste awesome! Love love love mangos.

    Fly high Kate and dont be going looking for that brick wall. One of my staff members quotes "Expect to succeed"!!

    Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine. :o)

    1. Absolutely trying to completely ignore even the thought of that darstardly brick wall. I will take any alternate route not to face it!! 'Expect to Succeed' I like that....think I might write that on a sticky note and stick it to my computer screen!


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