Monday, 9 January 2012

PMT, Cravings and the Beast

I can't believe I have to face the 'period' challenge this early in my quest for the gorgeous healthy bod!  I realised yesterday it was that 'time of the month. I am completely useless of keeping track and it takes me by suprise every month and has done for the last 25 years!  I know not a great idea but I just simply forget to record it, I suppose I hate it so much I don't want to remember it!

It presents a huge challenge during this time because like so many women I am sure I get absolutely overwhelming cravings with my body wanting me to devour slabs and slabs of chocolate for the first few days.  It is absolutely unbearable it becomes all I think about, it has definitely got worse over the last few years.

I decided yesterday to do some research and find out whether other women find the same thing or whether anyone knows what causes it.  Get some tips  to deal with it.  You know you are suffering with PMT however when you are reading an article about how to deal with the cravings and the writer says 'Try using willpower' and you want to rip the page out, yell at it, stamp all over it, tear it into little pieces and then stick what's left down the waste disposal!!

Reading past this though I have discovered a couple of things that could be a possibility and certainly are worth trying.  One in particular that would actually tie in with something else I suffer with and that's too many headaches.  Apparently according to one scientist cravings for chocolate during your period can be caused by your body needing an extra intake of magnesium, something that also is apparently brilliant for headaches - got to be worth a try.

They say of course the reason you enjoy the chocolate is because it releases those feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine, which would make sense because I know I feel really miserable and moody for the first two days.  If I can somehow get through these first two days without giving in I know I will be alright.  It's so completely consuming though, far worse than anything I experienced during pregnancy and my need for lemonade ice blocks was pretty strong!!  I know I am not strong enough to even limit myself to a small Freddo but it just won't do the job and I will eat the whole packet.  I would need a combination safe to keep them in that I didn't know the code for!

Another writer says exercise through the craving but the way I am struggling with the whole exercise thing I think it's likely to tip me over the edge trying to exercise through cramping pain and misery.  If I didn't have two gorgeous kids I would take myself to bed and lock myself in there for two days and ride it out.  I know exercise also releases the same endorphines ( although something I have always doubted with me, just makes me growl! )  The rain has at least stopped for five minutes, I could start with a walk to the end of the road and back.....  :-( 

You can understand why in ancient times they called this time of a woman's cycle 'the curse' it sums it up pretty well for me.

Suggestions gratefully recieved for this one......I will try not to bite your head off and receive your suggestions in the spirit they are given to help!!!!  LOL :-) (and not imagine you in my waste disposal!!!)

I can do it, I can't undo all the good I have done, I can get through it, I  can find other things to focus on, this will not consume me, first weigh in only days away don't give in now, 48 hours and it will pass.

REASON 4 for wanting to lose weight

Confidence to start dating again and maybe meet a nice guy


  1. Bean bags and pain killers!

    For the cravings ....uuummmm I'm not the best person to ask as I just give in to them LOL!

  2. LOL I had the same thing, my first week I got my period. I have SEVERE woman's troubles and I am on iron tabs and hormones just to keep me conscious during this time of the month.

    I didn't exercise the first two days but made up for it by doing double in the weekend. Some people say exercise through it but it is a bit hard if you are flooding.

    Weight watchers, hot chocolate satisfied my cravings!!!! Good luck you will do it.

  3. weight watchers hot chocolate!!?? Oh my I am so going to find this right now!!!!!

  4. Weight watchers chocolate Ice Cream Sundaes! I have some in the freezer for those few days for me. I save it for after dinner and it gets me through knowing it is waiting there for me :) Its enough chocolate to curb the craving and the mood thank goodness! And the chocolate sauce is oh so good!! On the months where it is just sugar (rather than chocolate!) I go for K bars :) Low in points and last a long time ;)

    I have had people tell me to do exercise too, but the first few days for me I am pretty much stuck with light activities as I too am prone to flooding :(

  5. Me too

    Chocolate Ice Cream Sundaes sound good, think I need to do some shopping!!

  6. umm... hard for me to comment as I've had to take some drastic action and seek medical assistance to help me out... turns out I had endometriosis. This has been sorted with minor surgery and a Mirena which is supposed to help, it's early days yet, but I to used to just give in to the cravings. The lack of magnesium I've heard somewhere before, so maybe a visit to a naturopath may help?

  7. I had a Mirena for a while, when I had it removed they told me not to expect to get pregnant any time soon that it takes a while....I fell the following month! It did calm my moods though definitely, can't remember if I had cravings like this back then. Endometriosis is a miserable diagnosis, you poor thing, I hope the treatment helps, I know the pain can be so debilitating. I was checked some years ago as they was a question mark as to whether that might be causing the heavy periods but turns out it's just me! Hope the Mirena helps. Definitely going to see a Naturopath there is an awesome one in Orewa, take the kids for all their various ailments as usual don't consider going for myself!!!

  8. If you have to lose weight to meet a nice guy... he isn't a nice guy. Nice guys notice your smile, your bright and bubbly sense of humour, your integrity and determination, your creativeness and willingness to take a leap of faith.

    Hunks notice the size of your chest/hips/bum and the ratio between them, before deciding whether to smile and wink, or look over your shoulder in case you brought a "hot" friend along they can hit on instead.

    Don't let the state of the outside-you stop you from showing off how wonderful your inside-you is. ;)


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