Saturday, 7 January 2012


I truly believe the weather is intentionally sabotaging my weight loss effects and making sure we are inside again today! If it wasn't for the children I would brave it and stick my fingers up at the skies and say 'you're not going to beat me with a few raindrops...or torrential downpour!!' but can't see the two bubs being too happy about being dragged out in the rain for a brisk march!

Exercise at home...hmm a new concept.  I know somewhere in the DVD collections there are some fitness programs or maybe I should finally give the Nintendo balance board a go.  I actually managed to find the points for exercising on the Wii, wonder if it actually really counts.  I suppose the answer is to give it a go and see if I break out in a sweat, mind you walking down the road did that for me yesterday!! 

It is amazing how unfit we can get so quickly, how these things creep up on us without noticing.  I have never exactly been small but this extra weight has caught me off guard and I am actually uncomfortable.  I now know what 'back fat' is ! it's been bugging me for weeks, fat rubbing on fat...not good and it doesn't matter what top you where you can see it lurking below the fabric! As for my trousers that I am sure someone has stolen and replaced with smaller sizes!

Reason 2 for losing weight

I have injured my neck and back, did it years ago as a result I have titanium discs in my neck and discs that don't do a great job underneath and on top.  I am also rather largely proportioned on top shall we say. It was suggested some years ago that when I finished breast feeding that a breast reduction would help my neck and back hugely.  However with the extra weight I am carrying a reduction would at present be pointless as they would just get big again.  I need to get healthy and lose weight so I can get my boob job!!

Exhausted from all the exercise, Rosie fell asleep on the way home from the beach!


  1. Oh dear. Saw it was raining this morning and thought of you guys :(
    Are your kids Wiggles fans? or I know you must have a polkadots CD or DVD around - we get them out and dance around in the living room to them. Its amazing the sweat you can work up doing actions to kids songs :) All exercise counts :)

  2. Cool idea, I once read an article about a woman who absolutely swore by her 'Wiggles Diet' she reckon's she lost 2 stone just by doing wiggles dancing everyday - Gotta be more entertaining than watching Davina and her gorgeous body dancing in front of me making me feel even more rubbish!!!

  3. I hear you, I have a cheap cross trainer from the warehouse and some Zumba dvd's. My trainer has also given me strength training exercises at home that I can do when the kids are in bed. I have huge thanks to treasures magazine for providing me with Jeremy !!!! Best advice invest in something you can do from home as me thinks we are going to have a long winter ahead.

  4. Hey Kate, just move more..... If you can walk whilst on the phone, take a small pile of laundry to the cupboards at a time, that sort of thing it really helps. Good luck!
    P S you could always come in a join us at Weight Watchers for the support and a great program.... ;-)

  5. OOPPS perhaps I should have read all your blog notes before making my suggestions.....

    Well done on joining WW it is a wonderful program. Remember that fruit vege and protein are your best friends against hunger. Sorry for the advice but having been there this is what worked for me.
    Have a lovely day with your gorgeous girls. V

  6. Thanks Jesse and Valerie, my resolution for next week moving whilst talking on the it!


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