Monday, 27 February 2012

Fertility - An Interesting Deal

Noticed a real chill in the air this morning, even though the sun is actually out and shining!!

We have a really interesting deal coming up next week from the people at Nest Consulting.  These guys are based in Auckland and provide support and education designed to help you with 'Family Planning'.  They can give you expert advice on a range of topics from natural family planning to infertility issues.

I had no idea that so many people are struggling with these issues.  I suppose because I have been so lucky with my two beautiful girls I had never really thought about it.  I fell pregnant very easily and although my pregnancies were dreadful as I suffered from acute Pubic Symphysis Diastasis the actual process of falling pregnant caused me no troubles at all.

According to our friends at Nest Consulting  1 in 5 NZ couples are having difficulty in conceiving.  I can't even begin to imagine how heartbreaking it must be for women to find it hard to fall pregnant and I won't pretend to.  I can imagine it would be hard for it not to become all consuming, I do know it would have been to me.  The thought of not having my children is my life is such a hard thought.

We run so many different types of deals on KidzGrab but this deal really captured my interest.  It is so nice to know that if you are having troubles conceiving that there is so much help out there for you. 

The deal that we will be doing on 7th & 8th of March will be for a 1 hour + (approx) appointment for those preparing for / trying to / or struggling to get pregnant 
Discussion and advice / latest research & opinions / education for you (and your partner) Incl. (but not limited to)

•    Full fertility questionnaire/checklist with recommendations
•    Pre-Conceptual care for male and female:
•    Weight / Height / BMI
•    Blood pressure
•    Diet (World Health Organisation Recommendations)
•    Fertility tips & tricks
•    Fertility focus diet info
•    Supplementation advice
•    Lifestyle
•    Work
•    Stress
•    Smoking Cessation (if req)
•    Past & Current Medical & Surgical History / Medications taken
•    Past & Current Contraceptive History
•    Past Maternal History
•    Conception / Pregnancy readiness & advice
•    Baby Planning
•    Referral & Liaison to other services if required: to trusted colleagues (complimentary & otherwise)
•    Reproductive education (male and female anatomy & function / combined fertility)
•    Introduction to Natural Fertility (Sympto–Thermal Method) to assist with conception.
•    If already charting: charting check & interpretation including 'what to do next' with results.
•    Question & Answer Session to address any conception concerns (including those with pre–known issues: i.e. PMS, Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, Endometriosis, short, long or irregular menstrual cycles etc).
•    Thorough and comprehensive summary letter sent to GP.

 If you or someone you know struggling with these types of issues, let them know about this deal starting on 7th March.  The deal is $45 for one hour a discount of nearly 50%  I am not sure you can really put a price on help like this, it was certainly the most challenging deal we have put together here at KidzGrab and one of the most interesting!

Have a great day folks!

Kate x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Her Magazine, Thank you - On a business note!

Finally finished the last part of my four part series for Her Magazine.  I love this magazine billed as 'the thinking woman's magazine' it's full of inspirational stories from across New Zealand.

Before I started KidzGrab I was lucky enough to write for Annah Stretton's magazine on a number of occasions and was absolutely thrilled to be writing my own story for them.  It has been a really useful process for me, a chance to look at each month of our operations and take stock.  The greatest problem I found was condensing down all my scribblings to 800 words (which I have always found difficult at the best of times!)

I want to thank Annah and Her Magazine for giving me the opportunity to share my story with New Zealand, I have enjoyed every second.   I hope to write again for you in the future, the writer in me just doesn't want to stay silent!!

As a big Bob Parker fan the absolute highlight of the four part series for me was to be in the same issue as a story about Bob.....was totally star struck for a whole day!!!  I met him at the Orewa Quake Day last year and he was such a poppet, he seemed very genuine and I have always thought him eloquent.  It didn't seem to matter how many hours had passed or what little sleep he had had during the Quake, he still presented a positive smiling, compassionate face to it all.  At election time this year I wanted to vote Bob, shame he wasn't on the list!!!

 If you get the chance to write about your business in this way I totally recommend it, not only is it great fun but it has been an incredibly good process for really examining your business and the decisions you make.  I think I might continue with my scribblings, it's a great way to focus on where you have come from and where you are headed!

Have an awesome day folks!

Kate x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Back on the Horse

It's been a good week this week.  I have been meticulous in recording what food I have eaten this week.  I have exercised everyday, well that is until gastric flu got the better of me yesterday.  Some sort of weird 24 hour bug.  Still as my friends pointed out, the scales should look good this week!! 

I feel like I have hit a real measurable milestone this week.  I had a pair of trousers that I used to wear all the time, my favourites you might say.  It has been over 3 years since I have been able to get them on and this morning I tried them on for about the 10th time since this journey began and lo and behold today they went on, button done up and everything.  It's the first real change I have noticed, when I tried to get them on at week one I couldn't get them past my thunder thighs!

So onward to this week's weigh in.  If I have put on this week I really will want to throw the towel in!!  I don't think I have though I feel lighter this week but only the scales can tell so will just have to wait and see!

Have a great day!

Kate x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I jumped off the wagon I didn't just fall!

This blog is about wallowing in self pity something which I totally feel like doing tonight.  It's going to be all 'woe is me' and whingeing and whining so be warned self pity alert!!!!

Worked really hard this week on the 'lifestyle' change and for what????!!!!! I put ON 200g I wanted to get my weight watchers book and hurl it at the poor lady (who is very nice) sitting behind the desk who said 'Don't worry love you are doing so well, it just happens like that sometimes' Terribly unfair I know to want to throw things at such a nice caring lady but all the same I wanted to.

How can I possibly have gained weight?? It makes no sense at all.  I have exercised, eaten sensibly, avoided the extra portions, weighed my bloody food, measured spreads and oils.  I am being completely anally retentive about what I eat and don't eat.  I manage to get through Sunday after Sunday watching my family eating their roast dinners with yorkshire pudding, heaps of potatoes and lashings of gravy whilst I spray a bit of freakin chicken and spray one very, very small roastie.  I am to say the least very p****** off!!! 

Of all the nights I needed to stay at the meeting I didn't.  I realised if I sat there any longer I was going to cry, how ridiculously pathetic is that!!  Instead I did something incredibly destructive that I already regret and means this week will be even harder.  I took myself to the pictures ordered a BLT sandwich and a bag of maltesers and ate till I felt sick!

Did it make me feel better?  No of course it didn't ....stupid thing is I knew it wouldn't I was just so peeved.  All my hard work this week felt like such a waste of time.  It takes so much effort to work full time, look after my two girls and stick to this new lifestyle and tonight it just felt too hard.

I didn't just fall off the wagon tonight  I absolutely jumped as far as I could.  Tonight I am left feeling like I have now let myself down terribly.  All the plans I had in place to deal with these times failed me, even the thought of my girls couldn't interfere with the beast eating maltesers.

I can't even bear to start adding up points for my mistake tonight and you know what I don't think I am going to.

I am going to get up tomorrow, pick myself up, stop feeling sorry for myself.  Get my gorgeous girls and go for a walk then I am going to come home have a good wholesome breaky and do some Billy Tae Bo on the internet and pick up the pieces and carry on.  It's just a set back right?  Not a huge one and does anyone come along this road without the odd set back?  Probably not and like everyone else I am just human.

I know I can do this, my family and my friends keep telling me I can and you know what you're right I can.  Thanks to my Mum and my lovely friend tonight (you know who you are!) for keeping me sane and keeping me in check, letting me moan and then cyber slapping me back into place, I love you for it.

Keep safe folks

Kate x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day ? A Bit of fun!

In a bid not to be thoroughly depressed being single on Valentines day....again!!  I decided I would look into the history of the holiday.  Although it is not strictly a holiday as nowhere in the world do you actually get the day off for Valentines day and I am not talking about throwing a sickie! that doesn't count!

It seems to date back to around 496 AD in honour of Saint Valentine an early Christian martyr.  Pope Gelasius 1 instituted it as a day of celebration.  Valentines day is celebrated around the Globe on February 14th.

There was actually at least three Christian Saints called Valentine so who we have to thank for this loving celebration is possibly quite hard to tell.  It wasn't always celebrated in the way we do now, we cards covered in love hearts, flowers and chocolates.  It seems this aspect of Valentines day began to flourish during the time of Geoffrey Chaucer and it continued to evolve as a time that lovers expressed their undying love with gifts of flowers and trinkets of affection.

However they are many accounts of where Valentines day originated another story talks about the pairing of young men and women during Roman times and a priest called Valentine, a great romantic at heart who disobeyed the Emperor's decree that all soldiers must remain single.  The Emperor believed that the soldiers would be distracted by the women and unable to fight for thoughts of love and passion.  The priest secretly married couples and was eventually executed for it on February 14th.

So as many legends and holidays go this is yet another one that is steeped in tradition and mystery but as holidays go this is one of my favourites.  I celebrated with my Mum this year who as usual didn't end up with so much as a 'Bunch of bleedin' daffs' but you know what it was really nice.  Valentines day after all is the celebration of love.

Facts about Valentines Day

  • Nearly 1 billion cards are sent on Valentines and yet again I wasn't one of the recipients yet again!!!  
  • Surprise, Surprise women buy 85% of the valentines gifts/cards
  • 3% of pet owners will give a card to their pet ??????!!!!!
  • Point for the guys 73% of flowers bought are by men
  • Love this one - The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentine's Day
  •  I am in the wrong business - Approximately 110 million roses, mostly red, will be sold and delivered within the three-day Valentine's Day time period
  • Is this the excuse I need to eat chocolate today? - Physicians of the 1800's commonly advised their patients to eat chocolate to calm their pining for lost love.
This will be me!!!! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day.  I am off to bed to cuddle the cat!! and no I didn't buy it a a card!!!

Kate x


Home School Exemption Arrived!

I was so nervous as I started to put together my application form to get an exemption certificate for Charlotte (my eldest) so that I could home school her.  When I received the form it seemed terrifying, so many questions to answer, so many things they wanted to know.  It felt like I was back at school and my knowledge was being tested but then if you think about it I suppose it was and with good reason.

I have always known I wanted to keep my kids home with me.  Before I was even a Mum I knew it's what I wanted.  It seems so natural to me to have them close by and to teach them myself.  I know them better than any teacher every could, their moods, their strengths, their not so strengths(!) and what makes them tick.  I am so excited to be teaching them, it is such an adventure for all of us.  I also know it's not for everyone and I have no disrespect for anyone who chooses that their kids are better off in mainstream school, I just knew this is what we wanted.

I sent in my forms with a DVD which I will attempt to load here (might be too much for my technical expertise!!) and just one week later the exemption certificate landed on my doorstep with a lovely note attached saying 'Congratulations, I can tell from your application how much you want to do this P.s loved the video'  I can't tell you how happy I was, I burst into tears ( I wasn't expecting that!) I felt totally overwhelmed, relieved and so so happy.  Charlotte and I danced around the room so excited knowing we finally had the all important official green light.

I know many home schoolers don't like to do the forms and some even object to the questions asked.  I found it a really useful experience, it made me question my motives, my curriculum, my teaching practices and most of all what I wanted to achieve and it has been a really positive experience.  If I had advice for anyone filling in their forms it would honest, speak from your heart and answer all their questions openly and honestly.  After all they just want to know that we have our children's best interests at heart and that we have the ability to offer our kids a good education from home. 

Tomorrow will be such a celebration of home school.  I think I will dedicate the day to all of Charlotte's favourite subjects!  Today has been the best day in ages, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders! 

Have an awesome night folks!  Happy Valentines Day!

Kate x

P.s Any prospective home schoolers out there I am always happy to share thoughts and ideas you can get in touch with me at

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Slow Down New Zealand!

As part of my new exercise regime my kids (lost another 1.6kg this week!) I got up early this morning and went for a walk.  We went around 7.30 / 8.00am just when everyone is hurrying to get to work and kids to school.

We have found a park up near where we live that I didn't even know was there so very excitedly for the last couple of days we have been going there for a play before we start on 'school' work. 

As we walked back from the park we stopped very carefully at every drive way noticing that people simply were not looking.  Four different drivers (two of which had their own kids in the car) found it necessary to slam on their breaks because at last moment saw us standing at the side of their drives.  They smiled awkwardly before pulling out and driving a little more sedately off down the road, perhaps counting their blessings we had not crossed behind the car.

I have noticed this again and again.  People are so busy getting on with their own lives they forget to stop and consider what's going on around them.  A classic example today was a Mum screaming abuse at her child for forgetting their hat and the husband getting stressed out waiting for the kids to get in the car, another one forgetting their lunch and rushing back in for it. All the while we watched this from the peace of the park opposite.  However I wanted to scream as everything suddenly went into slow motion as they finally decided to back down their drive and my eyes darted to a little boy riding his bike with a dog traveling along side him, maybe 10 at the most. 

I couldn't move, my voice seemed to have disappeared as I tried to cry out to the child but somehow by some miracle the car came to a screeching stop and missed the boy by inches.  The boy carried on as if oblivious to his near death experience and the people in the car just looked frustrated and tore off down the road learning nothing from what had just happened. 

According to the latest statistics 5 children a year are killed on our roads in New Zealand, 5 Children.

For every 5 children that are killed another 12 children are admitted to hospital and 11% of those kids have injuries that will severely disable them for the rest of their lives.

People do go for a walk past your house, just because the last 10 times you have backed out there was no one there doesn't mean this time there won't be.  Remember your own children playing around your house, it is so easy for a little to get out.  Always make sure you know where they are before driving away.

Slow Down New Zealand and let's keep our children safe in driveways.

Stay safe

Kate x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Waiwera Shame on You - A personal note!

I am upset with Waiwera Thermal Spa today.  We as Rodney residents are members at Waiwera in fact we have just renewed our membership.  I am now wishing I hadn't due to the new 'rule changes' brought in this week.  I might add that these changes have outraged everyone but it seems that Waiwera are staying silent, their facebook page is awash with negativity and yet no word from them.

Their only contact with the public so far is this message :-


Dear valued customers of Waiwera Thermal Resort,
Please note that as of 1st February 2012 Waiwera Thermal Resort will no longer permit food or beverages to be brought onto the premises. Visitors with special dietary needs, including allergies, infants and baby food will be exempt at the discretion of Resort staff.
This decision is based on usual international practice within the industry where the facilities are able to provide food and beverage options for their visitors. Our aim is to provide a better and cleaner look throughout the complex, with food and beverages consumed within the café, kiosk or designated outdoor picnic areas. At these locations, regular maintenance and service from our staff ensure that the resort pools and grounds are kept cleaner and more hygienic. BBQ and parties that are pre-booked can still be self-catered at the indoor or outdoor shaded areas where tables are located further away from the pools.
Food and beverages are available from our Waiwera Cafe and the Native Chef Kiosk. We are extending our menu to include breakfasts, lunches, kids’ menus and snacks with vegetarian options. We will also provide value meals and combo offers for all budgets and special food packages for larger groups.
Speak to our friendly team for more information or to make a booking on 09 427 8800.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause as we work further to improve our services to provide a better experience for all our Resort visitors.
Thank you,
Waiwera Thermal Resort Management
 It sounds like me another company getting greedy!! For me speaking as a single Mum of two girls it already costs me $23.  When we go we make a day of it, I pack a healthy picnic, we fill our bottles up from our tap with good old water and truly make a day of it.  To buy our supplies from Waiwera....hmmm let me see well for a start I don't feed my kids any of the items on the kids menu Hot Dog and chips Six chicken nuggets and chips Cheese burger and chips Battered fish and chips hardly healthy eating is it!!! so that's out, so let's go with a salad ($14.50) and two rounds of sandwiches, fruit (do they sell fruit?) and a couple of litres of water.
Well they don't appear to do sandwiches or fruit mentioned so you are talking $20 a pizza ( They are very yummy pizzas! We do have a treat sometimes!!) , $11.50 for a Bacon roll with chips.  If we stay there all day it will cost a small fortune for three of us, plus beverages.  I reckon we would be lucky to have change from $100 !!  Waiwera shame on you, you are supposed to be a family attraction a place where families have enjoyed bringing picnics for years.  I don't accept your 'It's about hygiene' excuse when you can hire a bbq area for $80 yes that's right folks $80!!  Explain to me how that is different?  My girls and I sit on the grass on our picnic blanket in the sunshine and enjoy our lunch.  I pack them healthy treats and now instead the only way we can come is to be forced to buy my children unhealthy greasy food (that incidentally you have to wait ages for!!!) There is not enough choice unless you love chips which our lifestyle doesn't!!!
NZ has one of the highest children's obesity rates in the World!
 If you have to bring in ridiculous rules like this in then please, please address your menus.  You need options for kids that don't involve chips, chips, burgers, more burgers and more chips!!!    Kids do eat other food you know!  Take the Walnut Cottage or the Library Cafe as excellent examples of this.  They offer so many options for children and they offer gluten, dairy and egg free products - fruit plates, sandwiches, humous & fresh veges - just a few examples!  You also need to make it affordable for families, we simply don't have money to chuck around these days. It is such an expensive day trip already and for many you have now made it impossible.
 I wouldn't even mind so much if Waiwera was making an effort to clean up the place but all you seem to have done so far is changed the menus and restaurants.  We still can't see the movies in the movie pool, the screen is still dreadful!  The changing rooms still have awful showers and toilets that are yuk!  The pools need painting the pathways need repairing and a do up!!  Your website makes it look like paradise and I hope that's what you are working towards.  We came last weekend and the woman on the lilo....yeah right!!  There were so many people there it was everything we could do just to find a space to get into a pool let alone lie on a lilo with a sunhat asleep!!!!  Spruce the place up and maybe people would accept changes like this at the moment we feel like we are just having the mickey taken out of us!! 
Get Creative and offer our kids healthy options!
We don't always bring a picnic sometimes we do have a treat and eat with you.  Your pizzas are a delight with a nice choice of toppings and we always go home with our special treat an icecream.  I simply don't like having our choice taking away from us!  
 Well rant over, I just hope Waiwera listens to the people who have supported them for years.  Who trundle from all over New Zealand to spend the day with you.   Come on Waiwera we love you but come on this simply isn't right!!!

Think it might be time to try out one of the other facilities apparently Parakai Springs does a Rodney pass!!  Might be time to make the move folks! 
 Have a nice day folks!
Kate and 2 very disgruntled little girls Charlotte and Rosie x 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Groundhog Day and Other Funny Festivals!

I was surfing the net this morning and news is rife about the Punxsutawney Phil Ground hog, after seeing his shadow this morning during the 126th annual Groundhog Day festivities they predict they have six more weeks of winter!

This furry little critter is celebrated every February 2nd in Canada and the United States.  It is believed that if on this day the groundhog comes out of his burrow then Spring will arrive early but if the furry little fellow sees it's shadow it will think 'nah it's too bloody cold I am going back to sleep for another six weeks' and winter will be a bit longer finishing!

I love folklore tales and I wonder how much truth is in this one.  Does the Groundhog get it right that's what I want to know.  Groundhog Day is steeped in tradition even down to the language that must be spoken on the day which is Pennsylvania German and if you don't speak it, it could cost you a tidy fortune because every time you open your mouth in English the penalty is a nickel in the pot per word spoken!!

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of 'Groundhog Day' was that funny Bill Murray film made a good few years ago now.  Do you remember?  He just keep waking up on the same day over and over again and the day was Groundhog Day.

The pictures of the celebrations all over the States and Canada got me thinking about folklore all over the world.  Definitely worth a google search this subject, there are some truly weird holidays!!

The funniest for me has to be, well actually it's a toss up between the Tomatina festival in Spain where in late August the city shuts down as the entire population embarks upon the world's largest tomato fight. Next up for me is the Songkran Festival – Thailand basically a free for all water fight (my kids would love this one!!) and lastly (love this one) festival of the pig - in France contestants from all over country gather to imitate the noises and behaviours of pigs - question is which contestant will 'hog' the limelight (sorry!!)

One of my favourites and one I thought we might promote on our facebook page is 'Random Acts of Kindness Day' The idea is simple you do a few random things for other people out of kindness.  An altruistic act although I  had this conversation with someone, it's actually very hard to do a truly altruistic act, I read once the only true altruistic being on the planet was the humble bumble bee.

Always celebrated on February 17th this is one worth celebrating and seems to be gathering momentum with schools and fundraisers cropping up all over the world.  There is even a very cool website

This would be an awesome holiday to get the kids involved in to promote the value of kindness and thought for others.

To finish did you know it's officially 'Give a kid a smile day?' Well don't forget to honour this week and present your child with a big smile today - but hey we don't need a reason to do that !!

Have a good day folks!

Kate x

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sulking and I know I shouldn't!

Had my Weight Watchers weigh in last night.  I worked so hard this week and it felt really rubbish to only lose 700g .   I know they tell you that's a great amount to lose, blah blah blah but I worked so hard and couldn't help but feel disappointed.

'Hissy Fit'
There are so many things I have given up, so many ways I have changed my life.  The exercise is a killer and this week it just didn't feel worth it.  I know I need to pick myself up and keep going but some weeks seem harder than others.  It's going to be a very, very long journey at 700g a week!!! 

Still will have to try extra hard this week!!  I invested in one of their pedometers yesterday and had to laugh at myself last night before I got into bed and I looked at the 4,000 steps left today and thinking but it's 8pm I will start tomorrow.  Then getting out of bed and in my PJ's around and around my house till it was pitch black!  I went to bed feeling much better about my night.

How do you stay motivated 24/7 ???  It is so hard, the littlest thing can knock you off balance and lets face it life is a challenge and there are plenty of bumps in the road.  Motivation I think is going to be my keyword this week and how to find it!!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Our First Fundraiser

Good Morning All

On a side note, yes the 'lifestyle change' is still going well - weigh in tonight will let you know how it goes!!

Very excited this week as we embark on the side of 'KidzGrab' that I have been most looking forward to.  I was approached by Sands Manukau a few weeks back now and asked if we would be interested in helping them to raise the 30k it needs to fund the amazing work it does.  For those of you who don't know who Sands are, they are a registered charity who does what I believe has to be one of the hardest jobs there is and that's supports parents who have either lost their baby in pregnancy or during the first year of their little lives. 

What is truly amazing about this group of helpers is that whilst they are helping others with their bereavement most of them are also mourning the loss of their little one too. "We believe that making memories is a critical part of the grieving process and allows parents the opportunity to bond with the baby in the short time available.  We provide Care Bags for all families that come through Middlemore Hospital, as well as offering phone support, monthly support meetings and a bi-monthly magazine"

To most of us I know this is one of the most unbearable thoughts, losing a child is a loss that no parent should have to endure.  I know personally speaking just the thought of such a loss makes me want to hold my children and never let them go.

Since I started KidzGrab it has always been our intention to help in the community and I hope this will be the first of many charities we are able to help through our site.

I am so nervous for them, the deal is in place, pictures taken and text loaded.  Now I just hope they get the support they deserve and that our Kidz Grabbers will grab the deal and make the fundraiser a roaring success for them.

We are selling a really cool little product for them ($20).  I had a chance to test drive it myself this week and it's very clever.  It is an inkless hand and footprint set for saving those precious memories for a lifetime.  Rosie and Charlotte had a go and all you have to do is put this wipe over the hand or foot (you can't see any ink which is weird!!) then print away.  Leaves gorgeous clear images with such details.  These would make a gorgeous gift for new parents, christenings, birthdays they are just so sweet!

I am hoping that people will tell their friends and that facebook will do what's it's so good at and spread the word!!  If you are reading my blog today, perhaps you could just tell even one friend for us to log  over the next month to and grab themselves one of these little kits!


Have a very awesome day!  I think the Sun is going to put an appearance in today!!

Kate x