Thursday, 23 February 2012

Her Magazine, Thank you - On a business note!

Finally finished the last part of my four part series for Her Magazine.  I love this magazine billed as 'the thinking woman's magazine' it's full of inspirational stories from across New Zealand.

Before I started KidzGrab I was lucky enough to write for Annah Stretton's magazine on a number of occasions and was absolutely thrilled to be writing my own story for them.  It has been a really useful process for me, a chance to look at each month of our operations and take stock.  The greatest problem I found was condensing down all my scribblings to 800 words (which I have always found difficult at the best of times!)

I want to thank Annah and Her Magazine for giving me the opportunity to share my story with New Zealand, I have enjoyed every second.   I hope to write again for you in the future, the writer in me just doesn't want to stay silent!!

As a big Bob Parker fan the absolute highlight of the four part series for me was to be in the same issue as a story about Bob.....was totally star struck for a whole day!!!  I met him at the Orewa Quake Day last year and he was such a poppet, he seemed very genuine and I have always thought him eloquent.  It didn't seem to matter how many hours had passed or what little sleep he had had during the Quake, he still presented a positive smiling, compassionate face to it all.  At election time this year I wanted to vote Bob, shame he wasn't on the list!!!

 If you get the chance to write about your business in this way I totally recommend it, not only is it great fun but it has been an incredibly good process for really examining your business and the decisions you make.  I think I might continue with my scribblings, it's a great way to focus on where you have come from and where you are headed!

Have an awesome day folks!

Kate x

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