Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sulking and I know I shouldn't!

Had my Weight Watchers weigh in last night.  I worked so hard this week and it felt really rubbish to only lose 700g .   I know they tell you that's a great amount to lose, blah blah blah but I worked so hard and couldn't help but feel disappointed.

'Hissy Fit'
There are so many things I have given up, so many ways I have changed my life.  The exercise is a killer and this week it just didn't feel worth it.  I know I need to pick myself up and keep going but some weeks seem harder than others.  It's going to be a very, very long journey at 700g a week!!! 

Still will have to try extra hard this week!!  I invested in one of their pedometers yesterday and had to laugh at myself last night before I got into bed and I looked at the 4,000 steps left today and thinking but it's 8pm I will start tomorrow.  Then getting out of bed and in my PJ's around and around my house till it was pitch black!  I went to bed feeling much better about my night.

How do you stay motivated 24/7 ???  It is so hard, the littlest thing can knock you off balance and lets face it life is a challenge and there are plenty of bumps in the road.  Motivation I think is going to be my keyword this week and how to find it!!

Have a great day!



  1. Kate Darling,
    I think I might just come up there, all the way from "The Other Side of The Bridge" just to slap you!
    After 2 amazing, wonderful huge losses, give your poor bod a break. It does not know what has hit it with all the changes and is just catching up with itself.
    ONLY 700g!
    I would be stoked to lose that. When I averaged out my journey before I got pregnant, it turned out I averaged 280 g a week! Now that is slow!
    My dear hubby said “Well you did not take 6 months to put it on so what makes you honestly think you can lose it in 6 months?” Gotta love ‘em!
    Think about all those reasons you listed for us as to why you started this journey, go back and read them again – there you will find your motivation.
    Well done girl! Keep it up.

    1. Thank you Val I know you're right. It is just so easy to put it on and frightfully hard to lose !!! It takes such little effort to chew a donut and a huge amount of effort to do a Tae bo 40 minute work out leaving me feeling like I died 3 times whilst doing it!!! The balance seems all out!!! I might keep showing off just so you will come up and visit me ;-)

      Thanks Val your support means a lot to me! Kx

  2. That's one hellva way to entice me to visit! Surely just one of those donuts would do the trick :oP

  3. I am afraid there are no longer donuts in our house!! Just yummy crispbreads!!!!


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