Thursday, 1 March 2012

10% Goal reached - Thanks Weight Watchers!

I can't even begin to describe the feeling of reaching my 10% goal at my weight watchers meeting last night.  It was slightly embarrassing have everyone clap but at the same time I was so ecstatic.  Our lovely leader 'Kate' asked me 'How does it make you feel?' I just said 'great' as she gave me my keyring which is now hanging with pride on my already ridiculously large bunch of keys, which incidentally I must sort out at some point!!

It was more than 'great' though in fact 'great' doesn't even begin to cut it.  I felt like for the very first time in my adult years I was winning the fight and for the first time I was in the driving seat and not food.  No more emotional eating, no more loneliness eating, no more stress eating and I am actually getting off my ever shrinking arse and doing some exercise!! 

Ok so this isn't me leaping through the air but it is how I feel!!
I felt excited and revved up, I felt like at that very moment I could take on the world and all it could possibly throw at me.  All for 10% of my body weight!  Imagine what I will be like when I get to goal weight!

I went out with my eldest daughter (who is nearly six) to choose an outfit.  Which is what I had promised myself at 10%.  I have a very dear friends 40th birthday party of Saturday and I was dreading what I was going to wear and I have had such a awful time looking for clothes for the last 10 years of my life, everything just sticks to the lumps and bumps.

I took my daughter because although she is only 5 she has far more fashion sense than me! (Although this is not hard!) We walked into the shop and she was pointing out different tops and dresses and making me pick them up to try them on.  Most of it I would never have looked twice at but this is a good lesson in giving the little ones express their opinions.  I tried on outfit after outfit each time this little voice letting me know the good bits and bad bits till I had settled on a lovely outfit in a size I haven't worn for a very, very long time.  It was the absolute best feeling in the world. 

It was only topped off by going into the shoe wearhouse and finding some wedges that the girl told me were reduced to $9.09 !!!!  I asked her twice to make sure because it seemed ridiculous.  I finished off our shopping trip with some new jewellery and a handbag.

I haven't bought anything for myself in a long time, well anything nice.  I have been buying big t-shirts and sweat pants from the warehouse in bigger and bigger sizes.  To be able to buy something feminine and pretty and to really feel young and confident was the best gift I have given myself.

I am so excited about my weight loss journey and I have never been before.  It has always felt like a chore and a battle I couldn't possibly win, failure after failure has met everyone of my attempts.  I know I can do this, with the help of the meetings and a plan to follow I can do this and no more ridiculous fad diets that involve cabbages, milkshakes or cleansing formulas!!

I am going to be riding on a very high wave this week.  Now all I have to do is decide what my next goal should be now I have reached 10%.   I want to lose in total 23Kg and with 9.1Kg lost so far I feel like it's a really achievable goal now.  I wonder if 5kg goals might be the way to go and the reward system definitely works!!! I am thinking a full body massage when I get to my next goal, I might actually feel confident enough to get my kit off for it by then!!!

To all those people out there trying to lose weight - WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!  

 Have a fab week

Kate x


  1. Hi Kate
    What a wonderful expression of your enthusiasm and joy at your success! I know why you are an author.
    5 kg goals are a great way to carry on, but you can personally work out your 15% and 20% as well.
    And OH Yeah! the reward thing really works but more than that the feeling of health, success, sleeping better, and all that goes with it also motivates, and re-motivates.
    Have fun on that wave! You deserve it. And enjoy the party on Saturday. May you feel like a million bucks! :)

  2. Thanks Valerie! Like the idea of finding out the 15% and 20% as my goals we work out those today. Thanks love xx


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