Friday, 30 March 2012

Parakai Springs - On a business note!

I have good news for our KidzGrab fans, I have finally managed to get one Auckland's Best attractions and one of my personal favourites on our daily deal site - Parakai Springs are going to be doing a Family voucher on Wednesday April 4th.

It has been such a hard slog for me here at KidzGrab to persuade  bigger companies to put deals on our site as mostly they are held into 'goodwill contracts' with those 'other' daily deal sites (who will obviously remain nameless!!)

As a new company starting up I had huge dreams for KidzGrab I wanted deals on from all our favourite attractions and activities. I have fought so hard to get some of them to list with us but many have tied themselves up in contracts until next year. It has been hard to do get  disheartened knowing my site couldn't go in the direction it so obviously needed to go in.  Knowing we have the parents longing for great deals to zoo's, parks and attractions up and down the country.

It was always going to be hard to launch a niche daily deal site I just hadn't bargained on the bigger sites trying to elbow the little sites out of the game!!

Imagine my absolute joy when Parakai Springs said 'yes' I know what a popular attraction it is to the parents on our site and I am just so pleased to finally be bringing you an attraction!  I have been asked numerous times by our subscribers to ask Parakai to list with us and we couldn't be more stoked about having them list with us next week.

So fans of KidzGrab now I have a favour to ask of you, let's make this Parakai deal a roaring success please tell your friends about it, spread the word and share on facebook for us!

Have a fab week and don't forget to mark Wednesday 4th April 7am in your diaries for the fantastic family deal from Parakai Springs.

Kate x


  1. "Have a fab week and don't forget to mark Wednesday 8th April"
    Think you mean the 4th!!!!!

  2. Gosh I did indeed! Thanks Phil!!


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