Thursday, 29 March 2012

Weight Watchers Must Work!!

Well what was all the fuss about I ask myself!?!  I went along to my meeting last night ready to deal with whatever damage I had done from the last two weeks of being poorly. I had not been watching my diet as carefully as I have been. 

To my surprise I had lost 700g!!  I know it's not heaps but I was totally gobsmacked.  It proved something to me that I didn't really believe until now and that is the weight watchers system does actually work!  I didn't really go over my points over the last two weeks and when I did those 'special' points would have covered my misdemeanors!

The thing is up till now I have not ever used my special points and always stayed under my points because I thought it would boost the weight loss.  In actual fact I have lost as much this week and last week as I have most weeks, well nearly anyway I have been losing about a Kg a week so not a lot different.

I will go back to not using my 'special' points but I will certainly be less afraid of eating up to the points allocated to me.

All in all a great night!  Phew!!

Kate x

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  1. Light bulb!
    That's why we believe in it :o)
    And actually you are not doing yourself any favours by under eating your points. Your allocated daily allowance is what your body needs to function, to get you out of bed, move, breathe etc. So don't under feed it. Just enjoy...
    Sorry the belief is strong :)


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