Monday, 30 April 2012

54 days till lift off!

Since the trip to the hospital and my emergency eating mistakes I am very much back on track.  I did a killer Tae bo workout this morning for 50 minutes that actually made me scream in pain!!  (Gosh isn't this fun!!! note the element of sarcasm in my writing)  I have to say I do wish getting fit and losing weight was as easy as eating a large bar of chocolate or a cream filled donut.

'Bologna, Italy'
Don't the two things seems unbalanced?!! It's so very easy to put those pounds on but my goodness don't you have to work hard to get them off again!  My arms actually ache today as I type from my workout, so goodness only knows what they will feel like tomorrow!

I know I have mentioned it before but it is amazing what a goal can do to help you with your weight loss.  I know my enthusiasm was really starting to wain and then finding out about our trip to Italy boosted me hugely (understatement of the year).  I think one of the keys to weight loss as it's really not an overnight miracle is having goals and prizes for yourself. 

My very first goal was 10% of my body weight and I had promised myself when I reached it I would go for a back massage.  Something I never do and never find time for but I absolutely promised myself that's what I would do.   When I reached 10% it took me a couple of weeks to actually get there but I went to my massage and it felt all the more special knowing it was my 'prize' an hour free of distraction just me time, it was totally awesome.

I would absolutely love to know how you all motivate yourself, please leave me a message and let me know.

The other thing that works well for me is the most revolting picture I took of myself half starkers at my biggest.  I keep this in my weight watchers book and when I am tempted to overeat I first look at my picture and if I still want to overeat after looking at it then I can....I never do!!

Baby Fair Fun!!
The other thing I have been doing over the last few days is trying to raise some spending money for our trip of a lifetime!  Yesterday we went to the Plunket baby fair in Howick and did really well, much better than I imagined.  I have also been giving those sites on facebook a go, you know the sites like 'The Howick Advertiser' or 'Hibiscus Coast Buy & Sell' and they work pretty well.  I was getting so fed up with the auction sites and the increase in commissions and thought I would give it a go.

What I really like is that they are local so no having to post anything, people just come and collect which really appeals.  I gotta wonder though what's in it for the people who set up the pages though.  I know my friend that set up the brilliant Howick Grapevine (the first and most original!) found it totally exhausting, it became a full time occupation moderating the page.  Don't get me wrong I love these sites but they are totally a labour of love.  I wonder if facebook will start introducting ways for people who run these pages to earn money through them...who knows!  Technology and the web is moving so fast who knows where it will end up next.

I thought I might try a couple of the boot fair/ markets around as well.  My brother told me about one out at Browns Bay I think it was.  The only thing is to get a stall you apparently need to get there for about 4.30am which seems a little insane but thought I might give it a go.  I have so much stuff to get rid of, my junk has been creeping up on me.  I will be like one of those hoarders you see on those television programs 'Life of Grime' if I don't shift some of it soon!

Only one more week before I will own my dress outright!!  I went in and tried it on again this week, the lady in the shop is so nice she genuinely doesn't seem to mind me popping in on a weekly basis to try on my dress.  With 54 days left till we fly out I think I am simply going to explode with excitement!!  In some ways I am kind of glad I have this weight loss journey to focus on as it's making the time fly by.  I wonder if I will lose the 20 pounds before we fly.  Weight watchers wasn't on last week but according to my own scales the last week and a half I have lost 5 pounds so rock on Wednesday for once I can't wait to jump on those scales!! 

I think I have also decided how I want my haircut, now I just need to find a good hairdresser!  I like the colour of the hair too, so if anyone knows a really good hairdresser in the Hibiscus coast area, give me a shout!!

Have a great day folks!

Kate x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Kids who'd have them!! (7&8 of 64)

I got thrown rather off track last couple of days and couldn't write.  My youngest daughter Rosie threw me a bit of a curve ball day before yesterday when during our really, really long walk around the very beautiful Te Ara Tahuna park in Orewa (7.8km).  We were about half way round when her energy just dissapeared thinking it was just the distance I plonked her in her pushchair and she fell asleep, very unusual for her. 

We got back to the car and I realised she was really burning up.  We went home and I sat and stared at her for a while, like us parents do wondering what I should do.  When she started falling in and out of sleep again I bundled her in the car and took her to A&E.  Incidentally have you ever noticed that children only fall sick on public holidays or at the weekend??!!

They didn't like the look of her so we were sent through to Waitakere hospital.  Having never driven out to this part of Auckland trying to read instructions, drive and deal with poorly baby was not my idea of having a good time!!  We were thankfully seen extremely quickly and obs down for the next few hours. Later that night exhausted little Rosie started looking much better and we were discharged more I think because my kids haven't had the MMR vaccine, had it not been for this I think he would have kept her in. 

I can't express at this point how bloody knackered, hungry and miserable the three of us were.  I looked for the only place that was still open where we could get food...the dreaded Pizza hut.   Not caring we all ate our way through pizza including Rosie which cheered me up no end. 

Why oh Why was I not blessed with an sense of direction?  I mean absolutely none, I could walk in a straight line and still get lost on the way back.  Before we headed home I needed to find a chemist for nappies as poor little Rosie was on her last one and uncomfortable.  We managed to find an all night chemist and bought nappies and pamol, looking in the glove box I had found the sat nav but as I got out of the car to go into the chemist I slammed the car door on the power cable and smashed it to smithereens rendering it useless.  At this point I have to admit to a sudden break in my nerves and  the emotion of the day got the better of me. 

Pamol and nappies in hand I wipe my ridiculous tears away and we set off for home.  Except after 40 minutes of driving I drive past the same garage complex once more.  It's getting late, Rosie is crying and Charlotte, well bless her she is doing her best to keep everyone calm including me.  After a close call with another car that I just didn't see I pull over for a moment.  No map, no signs, no sat nav, two tired kids and a mother that has fallen to pieces.  I feel rather lost. 

I usually have the best and most amazing support network imaginable.  However we have a bit of a running joke (although it's not really that funny!!!!!) that when everyone is away I simply can't be trusted and something always happens.  Makes my poor folks feel like they can't go anywhere without freaking out!!  Of course you guessed it my parents are currently on holiday in the UK and my sister is in Australia.  The only other person I would have called who doesn't have kids to look after of their own I didn't bring a number for, our dear neighbours Alan & Vivien.  I did try my brother in law only to find the wrong number programmed into my phone and the weirdest set of text messages going backwards and forwards until I realised it was some person I didn't know who thought it would be funny to play along (ha had NOT), very weird evening!!

Sitting at the side of the road wondering what I should do, finding a policeman being top of my list I see the neon glow of a motel sign.  Without any thought whatsoever and hoping that I have the funds in my bank account to pay for it I pull in.  I met the loveliest man who was so kind giving us a room for $95 instead of $150, I think he would have given it to us for nothing if he could he could, he looked so sorry for our three miserable faces.  He plied us with 3 lots of milk for Rosie and the three of us were asleep within 20 minutes of our heads hitting the pillow.

I wish I could say that was it but at 3am it all started again and Rosie's temperature went through the roof but at least we were warm, dry and comfortable.  By 6am her temperature had come down again and we packed up the room.  The kids were much cheerier and although I was tired I could at least in the glorious daylight see where I was and after a stop at the golden arches the second eating sin in 24 hours where we feasted on bagels, hash browns and hot chocolate we were on our way home.

It took me longer than it should have done and a good few wrong turns but at last I was on a road I recognised and at last we were at home.  A good deal of sleeping and eating was done by all of us for the rest of today but I just didn't worry about it.  Are there any calories burned due to stress???!!!

Today Rosie is heaps better and her temp has been normal now for 20 hours (and counting!!) so hoping whatever she had has passed. 

Kids really do cause the old blood pressure to rise don't they.  You have to wonder why we do it to ourselves!!  I love my children more than life itself but everyday as a parent it terrifying, whether you are stopping them from climbing, taking temperatures, picking them up when they fall, pulling things from their noses, stopping them from running out in the's utterly terrifying all of it!!!!  Would we really have it any other way though?  No of course not but I do wish sometimes we could just wrap our precious little angels up in cotton wool and protect them from everything!

Not important in the scheme of things but as far as the food content of the last 48 hours go.  How do you deal with curve balls you simply aren't expecting?  I had no emergency eating plan in my head.  I did sort of contemplate the pizza hut menu for something healthy and then thought 'just eat, it's not important tonight'  The Maccas the following day well I didn't need to eat the bagel, hashbrown and drink a hot chocolate but I suppose it was my way of sticking my fingers up at the universe for the previous nights events!!! How immature (he he) I know but it did taste bloody good and I enjoyed every bite.

New day today though and three days on everyone seems good and I have just completed my Taebo so we are back on track with smiles on our faces!  

Watch out for those curve balls folks!

Kate x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Keeping the Kids Busy whilst you Exercise (Day 6 of 64)

I woke up this morning and decided to get right into it with a Billy workout, rather addicted to Billy at the moment if you hadn't noticed!  I have realised right or wrong that if I do exercise as soon as I get up with the kids that I can wangle about 30/40 minutes of child free time by sticking them in front of the dreaded box, with hot chocolate and toast.  I know that's wrong on so many levels but I have really struggled over the last few months to get my kids to give me the time I need to exercise.  This plan works for me once a week to get that really good workout in.  I figure once a week won't hurt them and it's such a special treat they really do leave you to get on with it!  The rest of the days in the week I do other things to keep them occupied.

A friend mentioned to me yesterday that it's one of the things that makes it a hard thing to achieve.  It's not exactly easy to workout with a two year old wrapped around your ankles.  So apart from the television what other ideas can we come up with?  Of course for those of you with your kids in kindy or school you are sorted! but for people like me who have their kids at home 24/7 or for those whose babies are still too young to be at kindy this really can present a very real obstacle for exercise.

If you have the patience and the space one of my favourite things to do is encourage them to join you in your workout.  I know this sounds painful but if you perservere they soon get involved.  Kids love to imitate their parents, I know if my kids get their 'dance gear' on (flowery tutu's and ballet shoes!) they really seem to enjoy joining in.  It's unlikely they will stay the whole 40 minutes but even if they make it through 10 or 20 minutes then not only are you spending quality time with them but you are also introducing them to a more healthy lifestyle.

I stumbled across a great idea the other day which obviously only works if it's nice weather and you have a suitable garden.  I took my laptop onto the garden table and pranced around in the garden doing my work out.  The kids were so happy outside, they played in their cars, bounced on the trampoline and terrorised the butterflies.  I am sure the neighbours had a good laugh at my expense but I didn't care.

The other thing that usually works for me is planning an arts and craft table the night before for both of them to do.  I put out play doh and shape cutters etc.  I put out paper, stickers, pens, glitters and coloured shapes for them to create pictures.  This will keep my eldest occupied but then she isn't really the problem.   I find this will give me 20 to 30 minutes of occupied 2 year old time.

Don't get me wrong, trying to find time for yourself when you have little ones is hard at the best of times. Trying to find time to exercise is really challenging but I do know that it's worth it.  If I get a chance to work out I know I am a nicer person to be around, I have more energy and long term I will be fitter and healthier to do things with my kids.  Me exercising actually benefits the whole family and perhaps if we Mums remember this when we are doing so much for everyone else we might actually find the time we need to get off our butts and get fit!

If all else fails put them in the buggy and walk, walk, walk!!

Let's go girls!!

Kate x

(Only 58 days to go till we get on that plane!!)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Salmon Recipe from the fish convert (Day 6 of 64)

My lovely friend has sent me the recipe for the lush salmon I had the other night.  I am a firm fish hater with a particular dislike of salmon but I can't over emphasize how delicious this recipe is, so even if you are a fish hater give it a go!!  I also don't like foods that are really spicy or hot (gosh I am soo boring!!!) but this is only just enough to warm your mouth, no unpleasantness at all!!


  • 1 tbsp minced fresh ginger
  • 2 cloves crushed garlic
  • 1/4 cup rice vinegar
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/2 tsp hot chili sauce
  • 1 tsp soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 tbsp chopped basil
  • 2 (six-ounce) center-cut salmon fillets
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil


Add all the ingredients, except the salmon and oil, into a small bowl, and mix to combine. Season both sides of the salmon with salt.

Add the vegetable oil to a non-stick skillet, and preheat on medium-high flame. When hot, cook the salmon for about 4 minutes per side. For the last minute of cooking, pour the sauce into the pan. The sauce will thicken, and as it does spoon over the salmon to glaze. Turn off the heat, transfer the salmon to a plate, and drizzle over the thickened sauce. 


Would love to know whether you try it and what you think of it, so please feel free to leave me a message below.

I tried out a few Samba classes on You Tube today - It's really quite difficult but I think I am starting to get the hang of it.  It did occur to me that doing it in trainers wasn't going to help when I am wearing heels at the wedding so today I ditched my pumps for my wedges and went for it.  I am glad I did because I have realised my feet need some serious training to dance in those shoes all night without crying!!!!! It also requires an insane amount of balance to not fall over and break my ankle too!!

Hoping my butt will look like this when I Samba!!!!!!!!  Maybe a little unrealistic!

Great fun though, if you are looking for something a bit different for exercise check out some of the You tube exercise dance classes that can be found by doing a search.   I also tried the Zumba Samba segment which was quite fun along with all the other dance flavours they offer.  Zumba seems very hard when you start but it's one of those ones you have to persevere with and then it all starts to 'click'.

Tomorrow is a busy work day but simply must make some time in the day to keep up the good work.  Although I work throughout the seven days mostly Mondays always seem to be that much busier than other days.  Having been off a couple of days though of course things have built up over the weekend so it will be 'one of those days' tomorrow.  I think I might literally schedule in my exercise, that's what they tell us to do at weight watchers.  Think of it as an appointment like any other. Could be worth a try!

Have a good Monday

Kate x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 5 of 64 - Life is not a dress rehearsal!

It's been an inspired day today although the exercise seemed harder with aching muscles and joints it was a fab day too.  Exercise is a curious thing you know when you are doing it and have got back into it, it's really quite addictive.  I am not the biggest fan of anything that exerts too much energy but once you get into it, it really does grab hold of you.   (Here speaks the exercise hater)  I did struggle through Billy's Tae bo today and only did 32 minutes but tomorrow I AM going to get back to 40 minutes!!  Our weight watchers coach said to us this week 'exercise is a reward not a punishment' I am not quite sure I am quite at the point of feeling this heart and soul but I am getting there slowly!!!

I have been trying to find new recipes that are easy, quick and low in points.  My favourite at the moment is Quesadilla filled with anything you can find!  For anyone who doesn't know how to prepare this though I will put my favourite below :-

2 Wholemeal Tortilla
10g low fat grated cheese
1 Capsicum
4 Mushrooms
1 Red onion
2 slices of shaved ham
1 grated carrot
1 courgette
Rice Bran Spray oil (or similar)

1. lightly spray frying pan and add everything except cheese and fajitas.  Gently cook for about 3 or 4 minutes till vege are slightly cooked.  Take from pan and put aside.

2. Put one tortilla in the pan and put your mixture on the tortilla then sprinkle with cheese.  Place other tortilla on the top and cook lightly for a few minutes till the tortilla starts to colour.

3. Place a plate over the tortilla and turn it over and slide it back into the frying pan and cook the other side.

4. Cut into pieces and eat all of it.....YUM YUM!!!

So much of dieting or lifestyle change is about allievating the boredom of 'health' foods and realising that just because it's healthy doesn't mean it has to be boring.  I am learning especially after a night at my friends the other night that you have to try new things and experiment.  Try things you have never had before, get those recipes books out and give it a go.   I know another trigger for me for failure is boredom for my taste buds.

This morning I went to the supermarket and I bough 30 different spices and herbs.  3/4 of them I have never used in my life and to be honest have no idea what to do with them.  I thought I would google recipes and really go for it.  The kids love trying new stuff and Charlotte loves cooking so this coming week is going to be fun.

I am starting to realise that changing my life and attitudes towards food is about having respect for myself to take care of myself properly and realising I am important.  I think as parents especially Mum's we tend to put ourselves last all the time.  We are not likely to change this and I wouldn't want to but we do need to find that precious 'me' time.  This is something I am totally rubbish at!!  At the moment me time is when my Mum frog marches my kids out of the house and makes me have time to myself.  Kate (ww leader) talked to us about finding me time and not being able to look after others if you don't look after ourselves and she's right. 

I know that when I exercise and I eat right I have more patience and more energy to spend with my kids and we all benefit from me taking time out on my own to look after me.

This week the big old lady knickers are finally going in the bin having been replaced my some new undies!!  My goal feels so close I can taste it, even with 20 pounds still to go I feel like it's within my reach and nothing is going to get in my way.

Have a good day folks

Kate x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 3/4 of 64 - A few days away

Day Three

It's always hard to watch what you eat when you stay with other people.  Except if you have friends like mine!  I have spent the last two days staying with some good friends and was cooked the single most delicious meal I have had in a very long time.  I don't really eat fish, have never been a fan especially salmon.  Which is strange coming from a family that spent many years owning fish and chip shops.

My friend (male) cooked the most amazing salmon I have ever tasted.  It was so nice I was tempted to pop into the supermarket on my way home to pick up the ingredients and have it again tonight it was so nice.  I realised that I actually really quite like salmon and it's more about what you do with it.  I am going to dig out all the recipe books when I get home and start looking at some of the recipes I have written off without even trying them.  After all I wouldn't let my kids get away with disliking something until they have tried it!!

I managed to fit in some exercise too which made me feel so much better.  I think the fact I had promised myself I would do it, if I had gone to bed without doing it the guilt would have kept me awake!  Although note to self exercising at 9.30 at night can make you feel rather awake!!

Day Four

Today was much harder watching my food as some serious emotional eating happened today.  The reason I was visiting friends was to go to a funeral.  One of my dearest friends had lost her Dad and had asked my friend and I to cater for the gathering after the service.  I was totally honoured to do it and it went very well (I hope) but I could not keep myself from the food table.  In fact in would be fair to say none of us could.  Not because the food was particuarly amazing or anything but because I think eating can be such a comfort.

Comfort eating has always been a nemesis for me.  In the past if I felt down, lonely, sad, happy, ecstatic it didn't matter the emotion I wanted to eat through it.  It's a hard one to get on top of of.

 It the scheme of things today though overeating was not very high on my list of priorities.  The most important thing today was to stand by my dear and be there to support her.  You know who you are and I love you very much, you did him proud today.  I am quite sure he was looking down on you proud as punch and smiling from ear to ear.  A beautiful, beautiful day.


Today my blog is dedicated to a wonderful man who brightened the lives of so many and will be missed by everyone whose life he touched.  May you rest in peace and rest easy in his arms.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 2 of 64 days - 0.7kg lighter!

Don't really know how I managed it but at weigh in last night at weight watchers I had lost 0.7kg.  Totally bizarre but perhaps I hadn't been as off the rails as I imagined or perhaps the last three days of being totally angelic (I jest!) made the difference, who knows!

Next wednesday although there is no meeting due to Anzac day I am aiming for 1.2kg so by the weigh in the following week I want to see 2.4kg gone...history...not on my arse anymore!

Exercise hurt a little more today and with limited time I needed to find something I could fit into an hour so I found an express Billy workout sharing link here -  BILLY WORKOUT EXPRESS  and a zumba 20 minute express which is not there today but there are plenty of others so just look them up.

Then the kids and I went for a 30 minute brisk walk which the kids once again loved! 

I managed another day of fresh veges and salads, although I have struck a slight problem.  Got my results today from all my recent tests and turns out I need to avoid tomato....I use it in everything so going to have to give it some serious thought.  The salad above looks boring enough let alone taking the tomato out!  Going to keep thinking positively though and take a trip to the supermarket and see what things I have never tried before that might liven up my lunchtime salad a little.  Any ideas gratefully received!!

Have a great day folks and don't forget to share all your successful diet tips with me....sorry lifestyle change

Kate x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 1 of 64 - The Big Countdown!

Day One

The girls at the park
Day one was a resounding success.  I hauled my arse out of bed at the crack of dawn well 6am which I thought was pretty early and had fruit for breakfast and a piece of wholegrain toast with my mate marmite on it.  After breakfast my kids looked like Christmas had come early when I suggested a walk to the park (which made me feel so guilty!) and we huffed and puffed our way up the hill. Would be more correct to say I huffed and puffed my way up the hill, Charlotte ran up it with ease that really made me groan!!

Then I put on my dancing shoes and along with Charlotte with did the Samba (well our version of it!!) with the help of You Tube.  It looks easy but it totally isn't, my hips are not designed to 'wiggle' like that I am sure but none the less we went for it.  Watching my two little ones jumping around was all the encouragement I needed!  I think we forget the power our children have on us and what a wonderful support they can be if you just let them.  Alright so I didn't have as much room to move around and the baby spent half her time hanging to a leg but it went much quicker and was far more fun!

For lunch I proudly smiled my way through a salad.  I am sure it tastes better now I know I am going to the wedding!  Then when the kids were quiet I did my favourite You Tube video of Billy's Tae Bo.  If you haven't tried it, then do it's brilliant. Notice I am positively talking about exercise and using words like 'enjoy' and 'like' not words I usually associate with exercise!  I am wondering if I use positive language it may rub off on my brain!!

Billy Blank 'TaeBo'

The best part of today has to be going to Annah Stretton's dress shop in Orewa and putting my dress on Lay by.  I didn't go for the one I have had my eye on forever but ended up choosing one of her new red chameleon all cotton dresses.  I absolutely love it and already feel like a million bucks in it.  I kept trying to imagine wearing it another 20 pounds lighter and I think I will like what I see!  I already looked heaps better in it that the first day I tried it on when I was 24 pounds heavier the difference was amazing.  It is really the first time I have really noticed the weight I have dropped already.  It was a huge encouragement, it really was.   Now I have to decide what to do with the hair.  Any ideas gratefully received!! and I am not kidding if you have any ideas please get in touch.  At the moment I am growing it out so there is something to cut in 60 days time but how to have it?????

Vicky the lady in the Orewa shop was totally awesome.  She patiently showed me all the different ways to wear it plus what accessories and shoes to wear.  I have to say although Annah Stretton tends to be a little on the expensive side you buying something totally unique plus the customer service is awesome.  I really felt like I had my own personal adviser, I felt very spoiled and it was great to not feel hurried, so thanks Vicky.

My Dress except mine has a red lacey petticoat under it in the same colour as the red, which has the effect of the dress looking longer too and just brings out the red too.

You can wear the dress in about 7 different ways

 Day One over and feeling really great.  Ridicuosly over excited about the wedding and feel like it has given me the enthusiasm to get to my weight loss goal. 

I will be facing up to the last couple of crap weeks with my meeting tonight at weight watchers and must try not to let it get me down.  Knowing that I have restarted and I am in gear to reach my goal and nothing is going to stop me this time.....GRRRRR 

Hope you all had a good day!

Kate x

Monday, 16 April 2012

What an awesome day!

I have officially got my drive and willpower back! In one afternoon everything changed starting with the sentence 'Does Rosie have a passport?' my Mum asks me 'Yes I say, why do you want to know that' thinking it was a rather odd question 'Because we are going to Italy to Andrew and Caterina's wedding'

I stood and just stared at her not speaking followed by a full on bursting into uncontrollable fits of tears as her words sunk in! I was so completely gobsmacked you could have knocked me over with a feather.  Tonight even though I have had the afternoon to digest it I still sit here in disbelief I can't really believe I am going to be there at my best friends wedding!!! I know how much it means to both my parents to be there to see Andrew marry Caterina as well.  He has always been like a son to them and to share this with him is just such a joy. 

It was so much fun skyping him tonight to tell him.  I have to say I was rather mean and gave him the impression I was ringing to tell him we had finally made the decision we were not going which strangely is actually how the day started out.  After my blog about the wedding the other day, I had realised it just wasn't fair to ask them to save seats for us knowing I simply wouldn't be able to raise the cash I needed to go so tonight I thought I was going to be telling him the bad news.  

When he answered his skype I told him I was simply too upset to tell him my news.  Meanwhile Charlotte had quickly drawn three pictures - one of all us at the airport, an aeroplane and then the five of us at the Castle in Italy. One by one we flashed these pictures up on the screen.  As we brought up the last one I heard him say 'You're coming? You're seriously coming' I will spare you from the gushing that went on between us shortly after this moment, needless to say two very old friends were very happy and I couldn't stop crying...again!!

We chatted for ages on skype which incidentally really is a wonderful tool isn't it?! Especially if you live overseas and you want to have 'real' contact with people.  Charlotte was over excited but it was all too much for Rosie and she was sound asleep, even though she desperately wanted to say hello to 'Unky Andew'. (Check the video on You Tube, it's so sweet!) Charlotte was up for packing her suitcase tonight so I had to explain that we still had 64 days to go, so instead she drew up a chart on which she could mark off each day.  I think tomorrow I may get her to make one for me too!!

'Castello di Felino'
The wedding is set in the beautiful country of Italy in Parma . The celebrations begin the evening before with a reception at 'Rocca di Sala Baganza'.   The wedding ceremony is at a church called 'Chiesa di SS Stefano e Lorenzo'  and the service will be in both Italian and English.  With a dear old friend of the family flying all the way from the UK to take the ceremony. Then wait for it the wedding breakfast is in a castle!! 'Castello di Felino' The most fairytale looking castle you could possibly dream up.  Finished with dancing away the night to Samba music.  I have already looked up the You Tube videos to learn with Charlotte and figured it would make great work out videos too!!
'Rocca di Sala Baganza'

It all sounds so idyllic and to top it all off they have promised me a gorgeous single Italian man to sit next to! It could be a movie script it's so romantic. I am going to take so many pictures, will have to take all the cameras with me on this trip!  It will also be the first time I will have traveled on my Kiwi passport with my Kiwi children!!

'Chiesa di SS Stefano e Lorenzo'
Now back to the matter in hand I have 64 days and 20 pounds still left to lose.  Is it actually possible? It's about 2.5 pounds a week or something like that.  That is doable isn't it? if I really put my mind to it.  

This bloke would do!!!!
Starting when I wake up it's a trip to the park with the kids, then we are going to get in the grove with Samba on You Tube followed by some cross trainer in the evening.  Let's see if I can achieve the 30 minutes of exercise a day after all. Andrew tells me the key is to eat an hour before so you have the fuel in your body ready for it, which sounds pretty sensible really.

Next goal will be to get myself that Annah Stretton chameleon dress and look bloody good in it!!

I AM GOING TO THE WEDDING!!!! Could today get any better??? I don't think so.

Andrew & Caterina
Love you Andrew and I can't tell you how much it means to all of us here in Kiwi land to be sharing your day with you as you marry the lovely and very beautiful Caterina. Mum and Dad are just as excited as we are, you know how much it would mean to them too.  As for Charlotte and Rosie they are already trying to decide what they are going to wear.

Mum and Dad thank you is not even vaguely a big enough word but it's all our language gives us so thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul.

Kate x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

I hate exercise!

Deciding it isn't over until I say it is I have decided to hold out hope that I might win the lottery between now and June. Somehow getting to my best friends wedding in Italy in June!

Therefore like it or not it's yet another reason for continuing on this path to another 20 pounds of weight coming off before the big day! I have hit the biggest struggle and plateau since I started my weight loss journey 3 months ago.  Since I hurt my back it's like someone pulled the plug.  I have stopped exercising altogether, even my morning walks with the kids have gone by the wayside I am ashamed to say.

I have hit an absolute brick wall but have decided to face it.  Take one brick away at a time and keep chipping away at it.  I have come so far having losing 28 pounds now, another 20 odd and I would be where I want to be.  I know it's doable but I feel like I have hit an absolute stop.  I haven't been recording my food which is a huge mistake and I have been picking at things I shouldn't but the biggest thing is the exercise I was doing so well with has stopped.

I keep trying to pull myself together and say to myself 'I have not backtracked back to the beginning, it's just a hiccup'  I haven't put on any weight but now I don't want to go this week in case I have!  I don't want to lose a pebble. (Our leader gives us a pebble every time we lose a KG) Our leader doesn't take them away we have to take them away ourselves and not put them back till we regain the loss...harsh!!

I hate exercise at the best of times but I had got to the point where I was doing it and vaguely enjoying it (not to put to fine a point on the word 'vaguely'!!)  I get up every day at the moment making a promise to do something and end up doing nothing apart from working.  How do I get back on track?

Listening to our leader last week saying we should be doing half an hour every day I wanted to scream at her.  I can't think of anything worse than jumping around for half an hour everyday....I hate exercise it's soooo boring!!  I got quite into Taebo on the internet but it was getting so hard dancing around my two kids so I started doing it in the evenings but frankly I have been too knackered to do this recently falling into bed by 9pm!!  One of my friends gets up before her kids and exercises in the morning but for me at the moment with the time change STILL effecting us that would be 4am and I am NOT doing it!!

Baby steps, I have to start again with baby steps. Don't expect half an hour every day, expect perhaps just a walk and take it from there.  It's so depressing when you let yourself down and let the exercise go because you know what a hard graft it's going to be to get yourself back where you were again.  I know Taebo will be bloody horrendous when I try to do it again.  I will huff and puff my way through 10 minutes and feel like I am going to die!!  I am SO angry with myself for letting this happen, I was doing so well.  This was supposed to be a life style change not something that I would break, it was supposed to take over my thought processes and become a part of my life without having to think too much about it.  I can be so naive when I want to be!!
Chameleon Dress -

I think also a trip to Annah Stretton to try on my Goal weight prize might help.  I have chosen my wedding outfit (if I get there!) it's a chameleon dress in turquoises it's simply the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.  I feel in love with it the first time I saw it!!!  However when I first tried it on although you can wear these dresses whatever your shape I started to imagine what I would look like in a small.  I have to envision myself in that dress, looking gorgeous and at goal weight and how that makes me feel....It would make me feel great!!!  Yes definitely a trip to try it on again!!

One promise to myself... Tomorrow morning I AM GOING TO get up and go for a walk with my kids to the park. 

Have a good week folks!


P.s My new muse is celery - apparently it takes more calories to eat celery than it actually contains...that has to be a good thing!!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

However life is good !

How can you sit on a beach in New Zealand and not smile though? It's beautiful and a nothing beats an hour on the beach with my girls to recharge those batteries and find your smile when you've lost it.

A Best Friend, His Wedding and A Business

I have known my best friend Andrew since I was 11.  We were both into the Theatre and would meet up in competitions always finding ourselves competing against each other in verse speaking. (I won't rub it in by telling you who always won!)  

He has been the sort of best friend you make movies about, the best friend you can possibly imagine.  Picked me up when I am sad, rescued me when I am in trouble and made me laugh when all I want to do is cry.   He is Godfather to both my gorgeous girls attending both christenings through a live webcam link from the UK. 

Even though we live the other side of the world from each other he is as much a part of my life now and he always has been.

'Andrew & Caterina'
Two years ago now I got a very excited phone call from my  Andrew telling me he was getting married to his beautiful girlfriend Caterina in Italy in June 2012.

This announcement is tinged with great sadness for me knowing that being a single Mum with two little girls (To which Andrew is their Godfather) the chance of me being able to get there was going to be extremely remote.  I have wracked my brains for months trying to dream up ways to raise the 10k I need to get there.  I have become the competition queen even sitting up  one night entering a competition for a dream holiday to Italy, filling in my details again and again until my fingers were numb! Of course I didn't win it! In fact there is a competition for tickets to the Queens Jubilee at the moment which would get me a fair way there, so going to be pulling another all nighter tonight getting those entries in!

KidzGrab was one idea of many crazy ideas that we decided had the legs on it to be a success and actually not only support my girls and I but get us to that wedding.  Now with time running out and suddenly April upon us I am starting to come to the awful and devastating realization we are not going to get there. 

'Teenage Fun'
KidzGrab although I still believe in my idea is slow.  The companies I would like to feature on our site are tied up with other daily deal companies who simply do not want to share any of the pie with us little folks.  They penalize these companies making them pay higher commissions should they advertise their products or activities with companies like mine (pretty low if you ask me!).  We have had some fantastic companies join us and offer beautiful and lovely products but the uptake figures for the deals are low and the business is yet to support me let alone pay out for tickets to Italy! 

'Rosie's Christening'
Building a database is taking much longer than I imagined and it's hard to do advertising on a low budget apart from using social media channels.  With facebook groups now clamping down on any sort of business advertising this is also becoming a no mans land for promoting your business. 

Our Saving Tin
Having Italy to work towards has kept me so focused and as I write this blog today I have to admit that for today at least the emotion of it all has got the better of me.  It has been the thing that has kept me going when things have got tough or the hours so long I am falling asleep at my desk.  Now two months before the wedding of the century it's hard not to let my enthusiasm dwindle and just be plain sad.

Launching a business is a hard graft and don't get me wrong I am not afraid of hard work but it can be so disheartening to see so few results for such a lot of work.  You have to really prepare yourself for the ups and downs of business and the fact it rarely happens over night.  It requires a huge amount of enthusiasm, money, self belief and sheer determination.  I would never recommend that you don't follow your business dream but try to be realistic with your expectations and make sure you have the funds to keep your business in the first year of it's life and don't plan any holidays, weekends or time off for a while!!
'My other Family'

My weight watchers journey is also taking the knocks this week from the same corner.  The thought of looking good in an Annah Stretton Chameleon dress at an Italian castle was helping me lose those pounds. This week I have definitely been suffering with the 'who cares about it now, what difference does it make' attitude, not at all helpful - hence the lack of weight watching blogs this last week! (You can always tell when lifes a bit of a struggle I go quiet!!!)

Well until I lose those last pounds I can still say 'This ain't over till the fat lady sings' and you know what I am not singing yet!!

Have a good day folks

Kate x