Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 1 of 64 - The Big Countdown!

Day One

The girls at the park
Day one was a resounding success.  I hauled my arse out of bed at the crack of dawn well 6am which I thought was pretty early and had fruit for breakfast and a piece of wholegrain toast with my mate marmite on it.  After breakfast my kids looked like Christmas had come early when I suggested a walk to the park (which made me feel so guilty!) and we huffed and puffed our way up the hill. Would be more correct to say I huffed and puffed my way up the hill, Charlotte ran up it with ease that really made me groan!!

Then I put on my dancing shoes and along with Charlotte with did the Samba (well our version of it!!) with the help of You Tube.  It looks easy but it totally isn't, my hips are not designed to 'wiggle' like that I am sure but none the less we went for it.  Watching my two little ones jumping around was all the encouragement I needed!  I think we forget the power our children have on us and what a wonderful support they can be if you just let them.  Alright so I didn't have as much room to move around and the baby spent half her time hanging to a leg but it went much quicker and was far more fun!

For lunch I proudly smiled my way through a salad.  I am sure it tastes better now I know I am going to the wedding!  Then when the kids were quiet I did my favourite You Tube video of Billy's Tae Bo.  If you haven't tried it, then do it's brilliant. Notice I am positively talking about exercise and using words like 'enjoy' and 'like' not words I usually associate with exercise!  I am wondering if I use positive language it may rub off on my brain!!

Billy Blank 'TaeBo'

The best part of today has to be going to Annah Stretton's dress shop in Orewa and putting my dress on Lay by.  I didn't go for the one I have had my eye on forever but ended up choosing one of her new red chameleon all cotton dresses.  I absolutely love it and already feel like a million bucks in it.  I kept trying to imagine wearing it another 20 pounds lighter and I think I will like what I see!  I already looked heaps better in it that the first day I tried it on when I was 24 pounds heavier the difference was amazing.  It is really the first time I have really noticed the weight I have dropped already.  It was a huge encouragement, it really was.   Now I have to decide what to do with the hair.  Any ideas gratefully received!! and I am not kidding if you have any ideas please get in touch.  At the moment I am growing it out so there is something to cut in 60 days time but how to have it?????

Vicky the lady in the Orewa shop was totally awesome.  She patiently showed me all the different ways to wear it plus what accessories and shoes to wear.  I have to say although Annah Stretton tends to be a little on the expensive side you buying something totally unique plus the customer service is awesome.  I really felt like I had my own personal adviser, I felt very spoiled and it was great to not feel hurried, so thanks Vicky.

My Dress except mine has a red lacey petticoat under it in the same colour as the red, which has the effect of the dress looking longer too and just brings out the red too.

You can wear the dress in about 7 different ways

 Day One over and feeling really great.  Ridicuosly over excited about the wedding and feel like it has given me the enthusiasm to get to my weight loss goal. 

I will be facing up to the last couple of crap weeks with my meeting tonight at weight watchers and must try not to let it get me down.  Knowing that I have restarted and I am in gear to reach my goal and nothing is going to stop me this time.....GRRRRR 

Hope you all had a good day!

Kate x

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  1. Went to my big weigh in tonight and lost 700g!!! How mental is that! Next week 1.2kg!


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