Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 2 of 64 days - 0.7kg lighter!

Don't really know how I managed it but at weigh in last night at weight watchers I had lost 0.7kg.  Totally bizarre but perhaps I hadn't been as off the rails as I imagined or perhaps the last three days of being totally angelic (I jest!) made the difference, who knows!

Next wednesday although there is no meeting due to Anzac day I am aiming for 1.2kg so by the weigh in the following week I want to see 2.4kg gone...history...not on my arse anymore!

Exercise hurt a little more today and with limited time I needed to find something I could fit into an hour so I found an express Billy workout sharing link here -  BILLY WORKOUT EXPRESS  and a zumba 20 minute express which is not there today but there are plenty of others so just look them up.

Then the kids and I went for a 30 minute brisk walk which the kids once again loved! 

I managed another day of fresh veges and salads, although I have struck a slight problem.  Got my results today from all my recent tests and turns out I need to avoid tomato....I use it in everything so going to have to give it some serious thought.  The salad above looks boring enough let alone taking the tomato out!  Going to keep thinking positively though and take a trip to the supermarket and see what things I have never tried before that might liven up my lunchtime salad a little.  Any ideas gratefully received!!

Have a great day folks and don't forget to share all your successful diet tips with me....sorry lifestyle change

Kate x


  1. Well done :) I do want to know your secrets to how to go about a 'brisk' walk with a two smallish children! I always end up going Samantha pace which is only slightly faster than a snail!

    In regards to the salad, is it all tomatoes or would acid free be suitable?
    Otherwise I would suggest fruit in your salad. Grapes, mango, pineapple are great in a green salad. Gives that little hit of freshness and sweetness to go with the green stuff :)

  2. For me it's the two year old in the pushchair and my six year old just wants to run, if anything I can't keep up with her. I made a pathetic attempt to get up the hill to the park this afternoon. I was still huffing and puffing whilst she was standing at the top shouting 'come on Mum'!!

    I love the idea of fruit in my salad, it hasn't occurred to me to do that before and why not! Thanks Sterryn


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