Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 3/4 of 64 - A few days away

Day Three

It's always hard to watch what you eat when you stay with other people.  Except if you have friends like mine!  I have spent the last two days staying with some good friends and was cooked the single most delicious meal I have had in a very long time.  I don't really eat fish, have never been a fan especially salmon.  Which is strange coming from a family that spent many years owning fish and chip shops.

My friend (male) cooked the most amazing salmon I have ever tasted.  It was so nice I was tempted to pop into the supermarket on my way home to pick up the ingredients and have it again tonight it was so nice.  I realised that I actually really quite like salmon and it's more about what you do with it.  I am going to dig out all the recipe books when I get home and start looking at some of the recipes I have written off without even trying them.  After all I wouldn't let my kids get away with disliking something until they have tried it!!

I managed to fit in some exercise too which made me feel so much better.  I think the fact I had promised myself I would do it, if I had gone to bed without doing it the guilt would have kept me awake!  Although note to self exercising at 9.30 at night can make you feel rather awake!!

Day Four

Today was much harder watching my food as some serious emotional eating happened today.  The reason I was visiting friends was to go to a funeral.  One of my dearest friends had lost her Dad and had asked my friend and I to cater for the gathering after the service.  I was totally honoured to do it and it went very well (I hope) but I could not keep myself from the food table.  In fact in would be fair to say none of us could.  Not because the food was particuarly amazing or anything but because I think eating can be such a comfort.

Comfort eating has always been a nemesis for me.  In the past if I felt down, lonely, sad, happy, ecstatic it didn't matter the emotion I wanted to eat through it.  It's a hard one to get on top of of.

 It the scheme of things today though overeating was not very high on my list of priorities.  The most important thing today was to stand by my dear and be there to support her.  You know who you are and I love you very much, you did him proud today.  I am quite sure he was looking down on you proud as punch and smiling from ear to ear.  A beautiful, beautiful day.


Today my blog is dedicated to a wonderful man who brightened the lives of so many and will be missed by everyone whose life he touched.  May you rest in peace and rest easy in his arms.

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