Sunday, 15 April 2012

I hate exercise!

Deciding it isn't over until I say it is I have decided to hold out hope that I might win the lottery between now and June. Somehow getting to my best friends wedding in Italy in June!

Therefore like it or not it's yet another reason for continuing on this path to another 20 pounds of weight coming off before the big day! I have hit the biggest struggle and plateau since I started my weight loss journey 3 months ago.  Since I hurt my back it's like someone pulled the plug.  I have stopped exercising altogether, even my morning walks with the kids have gone by the wayside I am ashamed to say.

I have hit an absolute brick wall but have decided to face it.  Take one brick away at a time and keep chipping away at it.  I have come so far having losing 28 pounds now, another 20 odd and I would be where I want to be.  I know it's doable but I feel like I have hit an absolute stop.  I haven't been recording my food which is a huge mistake and I have been picking at things I shouldn't but the biggest thing is the exercise I was doing so well with has stopped.

I keep trying to pull myself together and say to myself 'I have not backtracked back to the beginning, it's just a hiccup'  I haven't put on any weight but now I don't want to go this week in case I have!  I don't want to lose a pebble. (Our leader gives us a pebble every time we lose a KG) Our leader doesn't take them away we have to take them away ourselves and not put them back till we regain the loss...harsh!!

I hate exercise at the best of times but I had got to the point where I was doing it and vaguely enjoying it (not to put to fine a point on the word 'vaguely'!!)  I get up every day at the moment making a promise to do something and end up doing nothing apart from working.  How do I get back on track?

Listening to our leader last week saying we should be doing half an hour every day I wanted to scream at her.  I can't think of anything worse than jumping around for half an hour everyday....I hate exercise it's soooo boring!!  I got quite into Taebo on the internet but it was getting so hard dancing around my two kids so I started doing it in the evenings but frankly I have been too knackered to do this recently falling into bed by 9pm!!  One of my friends gets up before her kids and exercises in the morning but for me at the moment with the time change STILL effecting us that would be 4am and I am NOT doing it!!

Baby steps, I have to start again with baby steps. Don't expect half an hour every day, expect perhaps just a walk and take it from there.  It's so depressing when you let yourself down and let the exercise go because you know what a hard graft it's going to be to get yourself back where you were again.  I know Taebo will be bloody horrendous when I try to do it again.  I will huff and puff my way through 10 minutes and feel like I am going to die!!  I am SO angry with myself for letting this happen, I was doing so well.  This was supposed to be a life style change not something that I would break, it was supposed to take over my thought processes and become a part of my life without having to think too much about it.  I can be so naive when I want to be!!
Chameleon Dress -

I think also a trip to Annah Stretton to try on my Goal weight prize might help.  I have chosen my wedding outfit (if I get there!) it's a chameleon dress in turquoises it's simply the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.  I feel in love with it the first time I saw it!!!  However when I first tried it on although you can wear these dresses whatever your shape I started to imagine what I would look like in a small.  I have to envision myself in that dress, looking gorgeous and at goal weight and how that makes me feel....It would make me feel great!!!  Yes definitely a trip to try it on again!!

One promise to myself... Tomorrow morning I AM GOING TO get up and go for a walk with my kids to the park. 

Have a good week folks!


P.s My new muse is celery - apparently it takes more calories to eat celery than it actually contains...that has to be a good thing!!!


  1. Oh I so feel your pain Kate! I'm there too. Just so much going on that exercise is at the very bottom of the list even lower than "me" time right now :(
    I am taking a leaf out of your book and getting the kids involved with my exercise - my 12 & 9 yr olds can be pretty good at nagging when they want to go out (wonder who taught them that trait??)
    You let us know how the walk to the park goes and I'll let you know if I managed to balance on a bike again.
    Fingers crossed
    Val :P

  2. Feeling too tired to exercise often comes alongside dieting. The trick is to exercise half hour/an hour after eating. It's about using the food as fuel. If you are eating less calories than you usually spend over the course of a day, then you are already in a calorie deficit. This makes you feel tired - and the last thing you want to do is exercise.

    When I fuel my body to exercise, I feel like exercising more. The trouble comes when I deliberately eat more before a work out, then decide I'll miss the work out just for one day... and the next... and the next!

    1. Very true Andrew but easy to forget thank you :-)


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