Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Keeping the Kids Busy whilst you Exercise (Day 6 of 64)

I woke up this morning and decided to get right into it with a Billy workout, rather addicted to Billy at the moment if you hadn't noticed!  I have realised right or wrong that if I do exercise as soon as I get up with the kids that I can wangle about 30/40 minutes of child free time by sticking them in front of the dreaded box, with hot chocolate and toast.  I know that's wrong on so many levels but I have really struggled over the last few months to get my kids to give me the time I need to exercise.  This plan works for me once a week to get that really good workout in.  I figure once a week won't hurt them and it's such a special treat they really do leave you to get on with it!  The rest of the days in the week I do other things to keep them occupied.

A friend mentioned to me yesterday that it's one of the things that makes it a hard thing to achieve.  It's not exactly easy to workout with a two year old wrapped around your ankles.  So apart from the television what other ideas can we come up with?  Of course for those of you with your kids in kindy or school you are sorted! but for people like me who have their kids at home 24/7 or for those whose babies are still too young to be at kindy this really can present a very real obstacle for exercise.

If you have the patience and the space one of my favourite things to do is encourage them to join you in your workout.  I know this sounds painful but if you perservere they soon get involved.  Kids love to imitate their parents, I know if my kids get their 'dance gear' on (flowery tutu's and ballet shoes!) they really seem to enjoy joining in.  It's unlikely they will stay the whole 40 minutes but even if they make it through 10 or 20 minutes then not only are you spending quality time with them but you are also introducing them to a more healthy lifestyle.

I stumbled across a great idea the other day which obviously only works if it's nice weather and you have a suitable garden.  I took my laptop onto the garden table and pranced around in the garden doing my work out.  The kids were so happy outside, they played in their cars, bounced on the trampoline and terrorised the butterflies.  I am sure the neighbours had a good laugh at my expense but I didn't care.

The other thing that usually works for me is planning an arts and craft table the night before for both of them to do.  I put out play doh and shape cutters etc.  I put out paper, stickers, pens, glitters and coloured shapes for them to create pictures.  This will keep my eldest occupied but then she isn't really the problem.   I find this will give me 20 to 30 minutes of occupied 2 year old time.

Don't get me wrong, trying to find time for yourself when you have little ones is hard at the best of times. Trying to find time to exercise is really challenging but I do know that it's worth it.  If I get a chance to work out I know I am a nicer person to be around, I have more energy and long term I will be fitter and healthier to do things with my kids.  Me exercising actually benefits the whole family and perhaps if we Mums remember this when we are doing so much for everyone else we might actually find the time we need to get off our butts and get fit!

If all else fails put them in the buggy and walk, walk, walk!!

Let's go girls!!

Kate x

(Only 58 days to go till we get on that plane!!)

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