Monday, 16 April 2012

What an awesome day!

I have officially got my drive and willpower back! In one afternoon everything changed starting with the sentence 'Does Rosie have a passport?' my Mum asks me 'Yes I say, why do you want to know that' thinking it was a rather odd question 'Because we are going to Italy to Andrew and Caterina's wedding'

I stood and just stared at her not speaking followed by a full on bursting into uncontrollable fits of tears as her words sunk in! I was so completely gobsmacked you could have knocked me over with a feather.  Tonight even though I have had the afternoon to digest it I still sit here in disbelief I can't really believe I am going to be there at my best friends wedding!!! I know how much it means to both my parents to be there to see Andrew marry Caterina as well.  He has always been like a son to them and to share this with him is just such a joy. 

It was so much fun skyping him tonight to tell him.  I have to say I was rather mean and gave him the impression I was ringing to tell him we had finally made the decision we were not going which strangely is actually how the day started out.  After my blog about the wedding the other day, I had realised it just wasn't fair to ask them to save seats for us knowing I simply wouldn't be able to raise the cash I needed to go so tonight I thought I was going to be telling him the bad news.  

When he answered his skype I told him I was simply too upset to tell him my news.  Meanwhile Charlotte had quickly drawn three pictures - one of all us at the airport, an aeroplane and then the five of us at the Castle in Italy. One by one we flashed these pictures up on the screen.  As we brought up the last one I heard him say 'You're coming? You're seriously coming' I will spare you from the gushing that went on between us shortly after this moment, needless to say two very old friends were very happy and I couldn't stop crying...again!!

We chatted for ages on skype which incidentally really is a wonderful tool isn't it?! Especially if you live overseas and you want to have 'real' contact with people.  Charlotte was over excited but it was all too much for Rosie and she was sound asleep, even though she desperately wanted to say hello to 'Unky Andew'. (Check the video on You Tube, it's so sweet!) Charlotte was up for packing her suitcase tonight so I had to explain that we still had 64 days to go, so instead she drew up a chart on which she could mark off each day.  I think tomorrow I may get her to make one for me too!!

'Castello di Felino'
The wedding is set in the beautiful country of Italy in Parma . The celebrations begin the evening before with a reception at 'Rocca di Sala Baganza'.   The wedding ceremony is at a church called 'Chiesa di SS Stefano e Lorenzo'  and the service will be in both Italian and English.  With a dear old friend of the family flying all the way from the UK to take the ceremony. Then wait for it the wedding breakfast is in a castle!! 'Castello di Felino' The most fairytale looking castle you could possibly dream up.  Finished with dancing away the night to Samba music.  I have already looked up the You Tube videos to learn with Charlotte and figured it would make great work out videos too!!
'Rocca di Sala Baganza'

It all sounds so idyllic and to top it all off they have promised me a gorgeous single Italian man to sit next to! It could be a movie script it's so romantic. I am going to take so many pictures, will have to take all the cameras with me on this trip!  It will also be the first time I will have traveled on my Kiwi passport with my Kiwi children!!

'Chiesa di SS Stefano e Lorenzo'
Now back to the matter in hand I have 64 days and 20 pounds still left to lose.  Is it actually possible? It's about 2.5 pounds a week or something like that.  That is doable isn't it? if I really put my mind to it.  

This bloke would do!!!!
Starting when I wake up it's a trip to the park with the kids, then we are going to get in the grove with Samba on You Tube followed by some cross trainer in the evening.  Let's see if I can achieve the 30 minutes of exercise a day after all. Andrew tells me the key is to eat an hour before so you have the fuel in your body ready for it, which sounds pretty sensible really.

Next goal will be to get myself that Annah Stretton chameleon dress and look bloody good in it!!

I AM GOING TO THE WEDDING!!!! Could today get any better??? I don't think so.

Andrew & Caterina
Love you Andrew and I can't tell you how much it means to all of us here in Kiwi land to be sharing your day with you as you marry the lovely and very beautiful Caterina. Mum and Dad are just as excited as we are, you know how much it would mean to them too.  As for Charlotte and Rosie they are already trying to decide what they are going to wear.

Mum and Dad thank you is not even vaguely a big enough word but it's all our language gives us so thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul.

Kate x


  1. WOW!
    Go have fun! Give it your best shot.
    We're here beside you cheering you on.


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