Thursday, 3 May 2012

200g You Have to be KIdding! (51 days to go)

200g you have to be kidding!!!   I was so excited about getting to my weight watchers meeting last night.  With my clothes falling off me and feeling really fit I almost jumped on the scales big smile on my face to find I had lost....200g!?!!

'How is that possible?!' I say to the woman behind the desk 'My scales say something completely different' the woman replies 'Well I suggest you have your scales looked at' at which point I went into cartoon mode and imagined rugby tackling her to the ground and beating her about the head with my weight watchers book!!

I have worked harder this week than I have in my entire life!!  No exercise to 90 minutes of varied exercise a day - 7 km walks, Taebo, Zumba, Samba, cross trainer and eating right without once dipping into any extra points or my exercise points and sticking at 20 odd points a day.  I don't get it how can I only have lost 200g when my clothes are so loose?  I am baffled and cross, with 51 days to go before I fly off to Italy I wanted to lose 1 kg a week and 200 g is not going to cut it at all.

So what's gone wrong?  Usually you can look at what you have been doing a find some little fault or some sneaky thing you have been doing but I have honestly never worked harder in my life and 200g is not a good enough payout for the amount of time dedicated to this over this last week. 

It's a good job Italy is my goal because if I had had nothing to work towards it would be extremely easy to throw it all away and say 'stick it' this week.  Feels like a great big waste of time this week, absolutely fuming but with Italy looming so close I will work just as hard this week and hope that muscle weighs more than fat and that my effort will show up next week on the scales.


Kate x


  1. Dear, dear Kate!
    The word ONLY should be banned from your weight loss vocabulary Girl!
    The fact that you have upped your exercise is what accounts for "only 200g"!!!! You need to remember that our body is using the fat up - hence the loose clothes. Go with feeling virtuous that you have done the exercise and can feel muscles work, see the results in your measurements! Imagine how much sexier that dress will look on a toned body than a flabby one :) (at the same weight)
    And do not let me hear ONLY again :oP
    Keep at it Italy will be great!

  2. Thanks is a new day

  3. Bugger...sometimes I find that my weightloss (and gain for that matter) is delayed, the week/days when I notice that my weight had changed are not the times that I did anything that should make a difference. So...go next week's scales eh!! :)


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