Sunday, 6 May 2012

Growing my Nails - 44 Days to go

I am attempting something even harder than weight loss to stop biting my nails.  My six year old daughter said to me last week 'Mum don't you think it would be nice if you stopped biting your nails then you could paint them to go with your lovely new dress' there is something about your six year old daughter telling you to stop biting your nails that actually makes you sit up and listen.

Charlotte decided we would have a competition and the winner gets extra cuddles as she said 'that way we both win even if we lose'  bless her I love my kids!

So for the very first time in my life and I mean the first time I am growing my nails.  It's been a whole 5 days and I had no idea it would be so hard to leave them alone!   I can actually see little white bits appearing on my nails and scratching my head is totally awesome!!  I tell you what though it's much easier to lose weight and exercise than not biting your nails.  I have always hated biting them but it's become such a habit but like everything else it's one day at a time!  I have promised my little Charlotte that we will go to a nail salon before we go to Italy and get our nails down. I have never done this in my entire life and I think at 37 it's time!!

This week we carried on our exploration of the area we leave with a trip to Wenderholm National Park yesterday.  I have been meaning to check out the walking tracks for the last 18 months that I have lived here but yesterday was the first time.  We all really enjoyed it, we stopped for a healthy picnic before taking off on the track for a couple of hours.  I was really proud of my youngest who hiked her little heart out before falling asleep in a heap when we got home.  I think I exhausted the kids Rosie was in bed asleep by 4.30!!!  I thought she would be up again but she slept through till 5am so not bad really.  I tried to wake her up at 5.30pm but she just didn't want to know.  Even Charlotte was asleep by 7pm, I thought about sitting in front of the TV with a nice cuppa but knackered I was also tucked up in bed asleep by 8pm!

On the quest for weight loss I found it hard after weigh in last week and only losing 200 grams however after a clothes try on and a measure I really I had lost heaps.  I can now get into all my old clothes which means I now have Summer clothes to take to Italy without needing to go shopping!!  I also excitedly tried on some of Mum's clothes which I can get into which was a bit exciting. The increase in exercise must have increased my muscle hence the pathetic weight loss.  My clothes are falling off me so must have lost more than the scales actually showed. 

I was tempted to give up the exercise this week to see the change on the scale instead but instead I have upped it even more.  I am so proud of myself at the moment, I have done 5 continuous days of 90 minutes worth of exercise.  I feel great and I can see a huge difference in the mirror now which is helping hugely.  I just really hope I see a change on the scales this week because even though I think I look different there is something very psychological about seeing the number drop on the scales to give you a boost.

I am trying to find new workouts to try each day but I do love my taebo the best.  I have found I quite like Zumba but I find it hard on the hips.   It was also fun to get back on a bike.  I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to ride but as the saying rightfully says 'It's just like riding a bike'  I hired a bike from the local shop with a seat on the back for my youngest.  We only did 5 km as Charlotte got a puncture but we really enjoyed it.  However my butt feels like it has been kicked by a horse!  I also seemed to have acquired a huge bruise on my arm with no recollection how I did it, yet it's too painful to even touch!

That's a rap folks off to try a new weight watchers recipe now as a special treat -

1 Sheet of Filo Pastry
8 Chocolate buttons
Spray Oil

1. Spray filo sheet
2. Half banana and halve again
3. Place the buttons in the middle make a sandwich between the banana pieces
4. Fold filo in half and roll banana and choc up folding ends in
5. Bake for about 15 minutes on 170c ish
6. Pig out and enjoy!!

Kate x

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