Monday, 7 May 2012

I can see my feet and other bits!! 43 days to go

I realised today when I got out of the shower that I can see my feet when I look down.  There is no longer a post baby belly blocking my view!!  Not even just my toes but my whole foot.  I can't tell you how excited I was that I could see my own feet! I was tempted to reach down and kiss them it has been such a long time since I saw them last!!

I have totally beasted myself on the exercise front today.  I started with a 40 minute taebo workout this morning when I got up.  Then whilst we were waiting for my kids Dad to visit we danced to the Wiggles for an hour (not quite sure how to add up those points!) which is frankly nearly as exhausting as taebo!!  Then tonight I got on my cross trainer for 40 minutes which ordinarily kills me after 15 minutes but I have found a trick to deal with the pain and discomfort.....television!  I put 'Bones' on whilst I cross trained tonight and it totally took my mind off what I was doing.  The time flew by much quicker and it seemed heaps easier. 

I often listen to music but I still really struggle to even get to 15 minutes but the last two times I have put an episode of my favourite TV programme on and I get so engrossed I am still going on my cross trainer as the credits roll.  I am so pleased because I know the cross trainer really helps me with weight loss but honestly I find it utterly and completely boring (as I do most exercise!).

I definitely have far more energy than I used to have.  Losing some weight has given me more movement in my joints too, my knees don't hurt anymore and my back pain has eased up considerably.  You don't necessarily think of these things when you first start out on your weight loss journey but there are so many ways in which it improves your life. 

It's been a really positive day today - I took a good look at myself in the mirror today (something I do not enjoy doing!) and I saw huge changes.  My legs especially the bottoms don't look like my legs anymore and I found myself staring for ages at my shrinking butt, happily saying goodbye to the excess pounds that have disappeared from it.  It makes all the difference in the world when you can actually see changes in your body.  Whether the scales will move at the meeting this week remains to be seen but according to my tape measure huge changes are happening and flab is starting very slowly to turn to muscle.

For the first time in very, very long time I looked at the person in the mirror and felt a spark of confidence emerge.  I feel good and the only way from here is to keep at it, keep motivated and get to my goal.  With 43 days to go who knows whether I can kick that final 20 pounds I want but whatever I manage will be the icing on the cake now. 

Look out all you single Italian men, I am on my way!!

Kate x


  1. Way to go Kate! Awesome work, that is clearly paying off in Aces. :)

    About now you should start to tone it down slightly to a "maintenance workout" so you don't swing over the line and go the other way.

  2. I still have so much to lose though, using it to get those extra pounds off (I hope!) Long way till I get to my goal weight another 10kg at least


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