Saturday, 12 May 2012

An Ode to our Mums (especially mine!) - 37 days to go


Happy Mother's Day to all you Mum's out there!

The earliest reference to Mothers Day seems to date back to an annual spring festival that the Greeks dedicated to Rhea the mother of many deities in Greek mythology.  We then jump forward to a more recent history of Mothers Day dating back to 1600's in England where it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent.  Children would bring gifts to the virgin Mary to pay tribute to their own Mothers.  For many years the traditions of Mother's day dissapeared until a revival of the celebration after World War II.  When servicemen in the States bought presents and cards for their Mum's.  Widely celebrated all over the world now Mother's Day is a great time to show your Mum you car.

If you are lucky enough to have a Mum like mine then one day a year simply doesn't cover appreciating her!  I know that since I have been an adult and a Mum myself you start to realise just what your Mum has done and does for you.  The dreams she has put aside, the sacrifices she has made to give you everything she can possibly give you.  I am not talking about the gifts she buys you or the holidays to Italy(!!) I am talking of the most beautiful thing on earth love from an incredible Mother.

The thing about parenting is that it doesn't come with a manual (let's face it if it did we would all have a copy!)  In life I believe we are hardest on our parents, we blame them for our own inadequacies feeling that somehow it is their fault when our own lives falter or we make bad decisions.  We are quick to put blame on our childhoods and the way we were brought up and the things we lacked.  I am lucky I lacked nothing, nothing at all, I have nothing to blame my folks for at all.  My mistakes and sometimes stupid decisions are all of my own making.  I am just so grateful that they are always there unconditionally loving me and helping me to help me pick up the pieces.

I am lucky, I have known this since I was a child I have two simply amazing parents.  I can actually pin point the moment I truly realised this fact as a young adult and it was when they picked me up from the airport after returning from my trip to work in a Romanian orphanage as a teenager.  I can remember seeing them both standing there, their worried faces trying to smile and the feeling of their arms around me making me feel so safe.  At that moment I can remember the lightbulb going on and understanding and from that moment on I have never or least I hope I have never taken either of them for granted again.  Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and their are no medals, no knighthoods or oscars just stress, worry and expense....oh and a whole lot of love (which makes it worth it !!)

My Mum was there with me at the birth of both my girls, in fact she cut the cord both times.  Those times are my most favourite times I have spent with my Mum.  The overwhelming love on her face as she held her little granddaughters in her arms and looked on me smiling made my soul sing.  I wish I could have saved those precious moments forever and bottled them but I will always, always carry them in my heart.

My Mum is my best friend and the person I tell everything to.  My Mum is the person who picks me up when I am down, who hugs me when I am sad, who laughs with me when I am happy and calms me when I am stressed out.  I hope that I return those same gifts that she gives me and I hope I remember everyday to let her know how much she means to me and how much I appreciate her.  Mostly though I hope a day will never pass when I don't forget to say 'I love you' and give her a hug.

Mum you are the best Mum a woman could have in her life. You are an incredible Nanny to my children who love you as another Mum.  You are the most selfless person I know and your generosity of spirit, your kindness and your gentleness are everything I aspire to in my life.  If I am half the Mum you are to my girls then they will be truly blessed.

I love you Mum

Have a great Mother's Day folks!  We are off out to lunch....weight watchers on hold today!!!

Kate, Charlotte and Rosie xx

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  1. Kate to have a wonderful mum like that you are lucky to value her the way to do is amazing. Treasure each and every moment you have and hug her tight.


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