Thursday, 10 May 2012

You Tube and doing your Nails!


For some people a manicure is just a regular part of life, like mositurising your face or brushing your hair.  For me a manicure is a word that I have never actually said out loud before 'MANICURE' (have now!)

I am not a girly girl, never had much of a makeup collection, creams and potions or pretty things.  I have realised though so much of that 'I am not a girly girl' is me hiding behind my weight issues.  I have not been a girly girl because I haven't felt like one on the inside.

I am starting to see the payoff from my weight loss now on the inside.  I look differently at clothes when I go shopping actually wondering what I might look like in an outfit, matching it up to jewellery and shoes.  Yesterday was the biggest change for me when I picked up a manicure set in the pharmacy and treated myself.  I can hear so many people laughing but for me this is a mega deal!!  I have never had nails in my life and I am very proud of my new mini nails, so it seemed logical that the next step was taking care of them.

However getting home I looked at all the instruments (which frankly looked like instruments of torture) and realised I didn't have a clue what to do with any of them.  This is where I ask myself yet again...what did we do before the internet and YouTube?  Currently I am learning Samba, Taebo, taking Italian lessons and now learning to manicure and pedicure my nails!!  It's like an online university of knowledge!

The amusing thing about this link for the manicure is that the person doing it is a kid!!  See we can learn heaps from

As I type I can't help but look at my shiny perfect nails, well not perfect bit early for perfect but certainly better than the half eaten mess they were a month ago!

Great week at weight watchers the insane amount of exercise paid off with a 1.5kg weight loss this week, which means I am totally on course with 40 days to go and another 8 kg to lose about 1.3kg a week to make it.  Possible but probably a little unrealistic but hey you gotta have a goal!!

The question really is how am I going to keep the kilos off with all that beautiful Italian pasta and icecream to demolish??!!

Have a great day folks!

Kate x

P.s Hey girls I have one of those thingy boards you can borrow now!!

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