Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Big Weigh In - Under 2 weeks to go

Time is flying by at the moment and I have been packed ready for our hols now for over two weeks! I have however unpacked at least twice every time I see a weather report for the UK.  I had forgotten how unpredictable summer can be in the UK and I am finding it hard to pack the right clothes!  Mum said I need to think layers so I am trying to do that.

I am now into all of my holiday clothes comfortably which is totally awesome and a huge relief.  It was a rather risky exercise purchasing clothes in a size 12 hoping that by the time the holiday arrived I would have shrunk sufficiently to get in them but I am now glad I took that challenge.  I think it has helped spur me on, not that I needed anymore encouragement after the tickets to my best friends wedding!!  It has also been kind of fun trying things on each week to see how much further I am away from doing up the button, or zipping that zip!  In some ways it's better than a set of scales as it gives you a far greater sense of achievement.

I am just 1.7kg off my goal weight for the holiday which would take me under 70kg for the first time in my adult life.  It would be such an achievement for me but whether in the remaining 13 days I have it is possible remains to be seen.  Its weigh in night tonight so we shall see if I am any closer to that goal, if not well there is always next week.

Unfortunately I feel like I have put on this week. Not from lack of effort or trying however, I am sticking rigidly to my points being under without trying most days.  I have upped the exercise to insane level (but kind of enjoying it!!) but I realised (sorry guys) that my period is due the day I get on the airplane to travel for goodness how many hours and I am one of natures lucky girls who has the worst time of it.  The thought of traveling for so long and dealing with that seemed unmanageable so the doc put me on a pill to make me miss it.  

However after just two weeks I have dumped them in the bin, as I turned into evil mc evil woman overnight.  I realised yesterday when I was being completely unreasonable and that it was severely affecting my mood and making me a nightmare to live with.  I am lucky that I only suffer from any sort of PMT for just one day a few days before.  I feel like I have had evil PMT everyday for two weeks, I have been totally horrible to everyone around me so figure it just isn't worth it.  I also feel bloated and my bosoms have grown I am sure (and I definitely don't need anymore help in that department thank you very much!!).  Plus a migraine on and off for a week now it, it just isn't worth it!  

I refuse to be knocked by my meeting tonight, whatever the scales say I will take in my stride.  I will keep at it not matter what I have worked too hard to let it get to me.  I only have one more weigh in before we leave on the big trip so watch this space.

 The kids and I went for haircuts this week.  I hadn't done anything to my hair since December when I joined weight watchers.  It was going to be one of my goal weight prizes, a completely new look but figured I needed to bring it forward with the wedding approaching!!  I am pleased with the new look and it made me feel really great, it was yet another great boost.  Next week I am going for the first manicure in my life as the nails are still growing!!!  I am such a tomboy, I have been totally bemused by all the cool things you can do when you have nails (apart from seriously damage your scalp if you scratch it!!) like find the end of the sellotape, something that could take up 10 minutes of my day!!  Love it!

All our wedding outfits are pressed and hanging ready to go into the cases, stopping the kids from dressing up in them is a nightmare!! I tried my whole outfit on yesterday for the final time with jewellery etc. and I am just so thrilled with it.  It looks very different to when I tried it on six months ago (not the same colours but same dress) It's the sort of dress you can wear at any size but I knew what I wanted to look like in it.  I tried it on the very first day I joined weight watchers and to be wearing it six months on and 16kg lighter feels just amazing, truly amazing.  Greedily I would like to have been 20 kg lighter but I am going to happily settle for 16kg!!!!  

It's been a long journey to get to this point and I know I still have a journey in front of me with my weight and let's face it I will always be fighting the battle to stay on top of it.  I feel like I have a chance though this time.  Weight watchers have given me the tools and courage to see this journey through.  Our leader Kate has been fantastic and not a day passes when I don't look at the pebbles I have earned and I am thankful, so thankful that I have come this far.  

I am going to make a huge attempt to not fall off the wagon whilst I am on my holidays.  It would be so easy with eating out, wedding feasts and 'real' Italian pizza but the last thing I want to do is come back to my meeting sporting an extra 5 kg that would have the potential to seriously jeopardize my entire journey.  I truly believe weight loss is about being truthful about yourself, getting to know what makes you tick and understanding the way your own brain works and the ways you can sabotage yourself.  I know that when I put on my brain says to me 'Ahh well forget it you might as well pig out' and it's a really hard little voice to ignore that voice of sabotage.

With less than 2 weeks till lift off we are all insanely excited.  I am really looking forward to some time off, this last year has been incredibly hard work and stressful.  The thought of just taking some time out is well absolutely wonderful.  Only made better by the fact I will be sharing it with my children and my incredibly supporting, loving and awesome parents. 

KidzGrab will be taking a break whilst we are away.  We thought about getting people in to run the business during our absence but anyone who owns a business knows that you don't actually take a break you just worry about the people taking over from you and constantly answer questions and reply to emails!  It will also give us a chance to take stock of the direction we are headed and where we want to go from here.  We plan to reopen late July but will keep everyone informed via the blog, facebook and our Twitter pages.

Let the adventure begin......nearly!!

Have a great day!

Kate x

P.s On a completely unrelated note just wanted to say congratulations to my friend Peter Tilling for the incredible job he did on the projections for Buckingham Palace!  Pete we are all so proud, you did our Queen proud. 


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  1. Well I was right.....boooohoooo put on 400g after a week of being incredibly good and heaps of exercise. Will be interesting to see whether next week will be much better will the mini pill binned!!! Hopefully the boobs will shrink back into my bra!!!!! :-) Not going to get miserable about it.....yeah right!


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