Thursday, 13 September 2012

Beetroot and Kale do NOT go together!!

The end of day two of the juicing fast and I feel amazing.  Every morning now for weeks, if not months I have had to run my hands in the hot water of a morning to get my poor old fingers working (old as in 38 years old...ridiculous!!) but this morning for the first time in weeks I didn't.  They still ached but absolutely nothing like they do normally.  I have also noticed that my wrists and other joints affected have not bothered me nearly so much today.

Makes you wonder if whatever I have been feeding myself over the years has been sorely lacking in nutrients that my body needed if after just two days I am already noticing such huge changes in my symptoms.  I also felt today like I had been given a shot of adrenalin or something, I had heaps more energy.

All rather surprising really as what I was expecting was three if not more days of misery to start with as my body adjusted to being hit with vile vegetables!! I have to say it hasn't been too bad not really if you don't count of course the glass of vomit I served myself this evening!

For breakfast I went with the whole fruit idea and it had the desired effect, it was a much better start for me and seemed a far more natural drink for first thing, I put the ginger in but laid off the garlic.  Perhaps I might introduce the garlic slowly later on.  My morning juice was carrot, apple, celery, PINEAPPLE, kiwi and ginger.  I know it sounds odd but it was very uplifting and filled me up nicely till lunch time.  

I choose pineapple as I have been reading about it's natural painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties (Bromelain). Pineapple is also very rich in manganese, a trace mineral important in the formation of connective tissue and bones. According to the University of Maryland  manganese plays a role in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, as well as affecting calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation. Manganese is vital for normal brain and nerve function, and has antioxidant properties, so thought it might be a good one to throw into the mix.

Lunch time I went green with Kale (yuk) spinach, garlic, carrot, apple, celery, sprouts and ginger and it was palatable.  My Mum actually really liked it so hoping this fantastically good for me green drink will grow on me. 

Then dinner consisted of a glass of red vomit juice!  It was the vilest, nastiest, foulest thing anyone could create for sure.  The colour was awesome and tricked me into thinking I had created a masterpiece but if was awful.  I am proud to say I did down it though regardless but it was bad, bad, bad.  For reference do not mix Kale (vile but the king of all veges, super high in everything), spinach, beetroot, ginger, garlic, celery and carrot it does not go together at all!!!!!

Had a little bit of company with it today which was nice.  Mum and Dad joined me for breakfast and Mum even had lunch with me.  My eldest daughter has decided she rather likes carrot and ginger juice so for lunch she had boiled egg and soldiers with carrot juice, which made me laugh.

Feeling today like I will easily be able to stick for this for 30 days but of course at the moment it's only day 3 so pretty easy to say that at the moment.  I am very excited though at the though that if after just 3 days my pain levels have gone down, is it possible I could be pain free all together if I stick at this and change my crappy eating habits?  Has it all been about what I put in my body?  When you think about it, it seems pretty logical really.  What's that expression 'We are what we eat'  (although tonight that would make me vomit!!)  seriously though it makes sense.  How long can you feed yourself unhealthy, processed, salty, fatty foods and prescription meds and it not take it's toll on your body physically, mentally or emotionally? 

Well no more for me, this is it (fighting talk at day three!! Let's see if I am still there at day 10!!) I am making the change for good!!

My next buy is going to be a dehydrator...more on that another day!

Nighty night folks

Kate x

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