Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm Back...sorry about that!!

Hello Everyone

Sorry it's been forever since I last wrote anything!!  I had an absolutely fantastic time at the 'Wedding of the Year' in Italy it was the most insanely romantic and beautiful wedding I have ever been to and ever likely to go to.  We were spoiled with amazing Italian hospitality, venues to die for and a bride who was nothing short of stunning.  (The groom scrubbed up pretty good too). If you want to hear more about the trip I have an article in next months 'Her Magazine' that totally groovy magazine owned by Annah Stretton!

Came back off my holiday a couple of KG heavier...well I suppose it was to be expected really.  After all there was homemade pizza, pasta and all the trimmings everywhere I looked.  I never stood a chance!!  Unfortunately I didn't keep up my exercise either as during the trip I hurt my sacral joint picking up my daughter and we ended up having to stay longer in the UK whilst I recovered and then the whole party was flown first class home by our insurance company.  (Oh my will I ever be able to travel cattle class again!!!!!!!!!!!!)

When I arrived back in New Zealand I did not want to return to weight watchers at all.  Knowing I had to face the music I put it off for a further few weeks until I saw a lovely ww friend in the supermarket 'You are coming back aren't you Kate?' being the wimp I am I replied 'Er yes' and then of course I couldn't not so went back two weeks ago now.  I am really pleased I did as it boosted me back into ww mode and since starting back last week I have already lost 1.1kg so back on track.  First goal lose those extra, extra pounds!!

Since I injured myself again other aches and pains have started to crop up and most days I am now taking pain killers once more.  The aching in my fingers, wrists and rib cage is becoming unbearable.  I thought when I lost some weight the aches and pains might go a little but at the moment they are worse. Which brings me to my next adventure!!  I am sitting in the Puzzle shop in Orewa talking to my friend Steve who is telling me that 10 days ago he was feeling very unwell.  Now Steve never visits doctors but decided that after 13 years of not seeing one on this occasion it warranted a check up.  It turns out his blood sugar levels were through the roof 30+  (should be between about 4 - 7 I think) they try to take him into hospital and put him on heaps of meds and he refuses and goes home to deal with it himself.

He then embarks on a journey that is already after just 10 days totally inspiring.  He goes 'RAW' basically he is blitzing every vegetable known to man and detoxing his body of crap and only eating raw or living produce.  After just 10 days his levels have dropped to just under 8!!!!!!!  Pretty remarkable I thought to myself. 

Having read a little about this raw diet before and it's benefits to bone and muscle health I started to wonder if it might be worth giving it a go...I mean how hard could it be??!!

I watched a really inspiring and tear jerking doco last night called #Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and for anyone contemplating the rather drastic idea of going raw I can't recommend this doco high enough.  I went onto the local swap and buy site on Facebook and managed to get myself a really good juicer for just $20 (I know I AM the bargain Queen) and this morning I went RAW!!

I found the first vege attack a little much this morning at 7.30, it was the garlic that was a little hard to stomach at that time in the morning so going with the fruity option tomorrow for breakfast, somehow it seems a little more normal.   Apart from smelling like a garlic sausage this evening I have to say I feel pretty good, I haven't felt hungry at all which I find surprising and I haven't felt grumpy either (which I was totally expecting).  All in all day one was pretty easy and I reckon as long as I go to bed really early I won't be hungry tonight and be tempted by anything although I did make sure my cupboards were bare of anything I even vaguely like.

Here's to day two, hopefully as easy as day one.....hmmm have a feeling it won't be though!!  I would think the first three or four days will be a hard graft.

Nice to be home

Kate xx

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