Friday, 14 September 2012

Toxic Headache

Ok so I suppose it was going to has been awful, really, really hard.  Went to bed last night with the worst imaginable headache and woke up with it this morning.

Having cut painkillers out of my life four days ago too, I lay in bed wondering how to help myself knowing that just getting out of bed was going to hurt this morning.  Then add two boisterous children screaming into my room at 5.30am and it felt like a recipe for disaster and it was going to be really hard just to get through the day.

However I got up (somehow) and made myself a fruit based juice (definitely sticking to that in the morning) then returned to bed with two paracetamol (tame for me) for half an hour.  Then I bounced out of bed into the shower...ok so I didn't exactly bounce more like crawled across the floor in screaming agony but bounced sounded so positive!!

A hot shower did help to perk me up a bit and my headache had eased enough to allow me to function.  We started our learning day really early as we were all up and were done and dusted within a few hours and off to Takapuna to check out the organic vege store there with my folks. 

I made juice for everyone this morning, although not doing it full time my folks are joining me for breakfast and lunch which they seem to be enjoying (although I use the term 'enjoying' loosely) My Dad looked a little unimpressed with the glass of orangy green sludge I fed him at lunch time but drank it anyway. 

This evening I lightened up a bit with the greens and chucked a chunk of pineapple in hoping that it's natural painkilling properties might kick the rest of my toxic headache into next week.  I have a feeling though this headache will be here for a few days, I wonder if it's a result of all the toxins departing my body, I hope so.  Somehow that thought rather helps, makes it seem not quite as bad.

By 4pm I could feel my bad mood take hold and I am acutely aware that I must try not to be horrible to everyone for no reason!  I felt grumpy and miserable and I suppose it was to be expected really.  Tonight though as I sit and type this in my bed I feel a little brighter and I am quite sure the insanely early night I am intent on having will help heaps.

I think perhaps a trip out somewhere tomorrow might help, something to take my mind off what revolting juice I can come up with next.  I made the mistake at lunchtime of being too overexcited about all the produce I had bought from the organic store and put them all in at once.  I thought yesterdays was bad enough but today I managed to top that and some.

Chlorella and where you can get it!I purchased some Chorella today, which is apparently great to add to juices as it is one of nature's most nutritious substances, containing large amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc, Copper, and a host of other vitamins and minerals.  It also contains a large percentage of chlorophyll, which is essential in aiding digestion, cleansing the bowels, and purifying blood. Apparently it is also good and helpful for the liver and after years of medications I figure my liver could probably do with a little help. 

The substance itself is quite peculiar a very dark green, it almost looks like metal filings.  It doesn't really make a difference to the taste of the juice.  I have also started adding a spoonful of flaxseed oil which I thought I would be able to taste but actually no, so that's good.  Flax seed oil is a great source of omega 3 and prelinimary studies in the states show it is also proven to help in the fight against heart disease and cancer. 

You have to start to wonder whether we have all the ingredients we need to cure everything within nature itself.  We man make goodness knows what but it seems we are coming full circle and rediscovering things that man has known for thousands of years, perhaps everything we need is in our backyards.

The thing that has kept me going today and indisputable proof to me that there is something in this raw way of life is the complete abscence of any pain in my joints when I woke up.  I have been painfree most of the day too (apart from the headache).  Starting to think this can only get better...only time will tell. 

Here's to day four!!

Kate x

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