Monday, 29 October 2012

I am turning into my Mother!

Having never really enjoyed shopping I had not noticed the battle that shoppers have to endure in just about every shop you go or so called music.

I went to Takapuna today, strangely really into buying clothes since I have lost weight and the arrival of a really lovely man in my life.  On approaching the first shop my ears were assaulted by what can only be described as a noise that was emanating from inside the shop.  I braved it and entered in, it was totally mind numbing!  I tried really hard to keep my mind on the job but when I asked the assistant if they had something in my size I found that we were actually shouting at each other!  I gave up and left mumbling under my breath, not that anyone would have heard me if I had said it out loud.

I visit the next shop thinking that this is just a one off noise but once again my ears are attacked by an awful unintelligible din.  I find myself thinking about (or trying to!) the poor shop assistants who have to work in such a loud environment and wonder whether shops like these will have hundreds of claims on their hands in a few years when these poor people have lost their hearing.

I decided to look into the thinking behind what seems to be becoming a trend.  My Mum has been complaining about it for years.  I have been dragged into many shops and dragged out just as fast with Mum, fingers in ears getting cross with the shop assistant.  I can even remember one time where my Mum found the stereo and turned it off and looked so fiercely at the shop assistant (all 4"6 of her) that she didn't dare turn it back on till we left. It even got a cheer from fellow shoppers.  I have always admired my Mums tenacity.

The answer to this puzzling question is of course it is a marketing strategy, albeit a strange one.  The first answer I found was 'It's welcoming' are you joking? really?! for whom exactly? The second answer I found was 'to attract customers into the shop'  How? by deafening them into a hypnotic buying frenzy or something?! I have no objection to the music but why oh why does it have to be so loud!!

There was a shopping mall in America that brought in a team of audiologists to measure the sound coming from various shops.  Most of the music was found to be louder than a chainsaw and way above sensible audible levels.  They believed that without a shadow of a doubt the people working within the stores would almost certainly suffer from hearing loss in the future. 

According to Smith & Cumow 1966 Loud music increases sales per minute than that of soft gentle music. My guess is you grab want you pay and leave as quickly as possible!! Researchers have also found that over 25 year olds when entering stores that play popular loud chart music believe that they have spent more time shopping compared with easy listening where they think they have been in the store longer.  Yes it's called being relaxed and having a good experience!!

All I can say is what a crock of shite!!  It has to be THE worst marketing strategy ever.  I don't want to damage my ears whilst I buy a dress.  I don't want to run into a store pick up a few items and run.  I WANT to be left in peace to shop and enjoy it.  I am not asking to listen to Chopin (although it would be nice) just that the volume could come down a notch or ten!!

It is time for shop owners to realise that not all their shoppers are teenagers and we don't all enjoy loud mindless music.  Is it just Mum and I that feel like this?  Am I basically growing older? I don't think so I just want to enjoy this new found love of shopping without worrying about the fact that my next doctors visit will be to an audiologist!!

I am seriously thinking of starting a petition, whose with me?!!!!!!  

Have a great day

Kate x

P.s I have had so many emails asking me how the dates are going with the new man in my life, so just a brief word about it!  He is an absolute sweetheart and I am enjoying every second of this new romance.  I wake up smiling and I go to bed smiling, it's been a long time since I have been so happy....and that's all your getting ;-) 


  1. I like your P.S. x

  2. Me too. Nice to know you are so happy Kate


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