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Jen Sephton - Guest Blog


Jen Sephton

Guest Blog

Jen Sephton lives in Auckland with her husband Jim and two beautiful girls Daisy and Phoebe.  Born in the UK Jen moved to New Zealand with her family nearly five years ago.  My life totally changed when I met this incredible family and they have been a constant source of love and support in my life.  I am very proud and lucky to be able to call the Sephton's family.  The last few years have been incredibly tough for these guys.  In this guest blog Jen shares with us her very personal story of losing her wonderful Dad unexpectedly to cancer this year and her courage and determination to make a difference for the hospice where he spent he last weeks. 

If you are able to help with Jen & Jim's fundraising efforts, whether that's $1 or $100 then please visit the link below to make a donation. 

Forward by Katherine Armon 


We lost my dear old Dad Alan to cancer back in April this year.  He was happily enjoying his retirement and celebrating 40 years of marriage.  Dad became ill in January but wasn't diagnosed until the March; he died within just 5 weeks of diagnosis. 

Dad spent the last 3 weeks of his life being cared for at Totara Hospice.  The level of care he received and the support we were given as a family form the Hospice was second to none.  My Dad was a true gentleman, a very independent, capable and strong man who, thanks to the wonderful nurses at Totara Hospice was able to keep his dignity right to the very end.  I will be eternally grateful to the nurse who was on duty the day Dad passed away, thanks to her experience and sensitivity my Mum, my Husband Jim and I were able to be there with Dad at the end holding his hands.

We decided that we had to give something back to the Hospice to show our appreciation and raise awareness to the amazing work that they do.  So the Sephton's embarked on a fundraising campaign which has escalated as the weeks have gone on!  We started by registering ourselves to run the Auckland Half Marathon, which is on the 28th October, which is something that Jim nor I have done before.  The training has been tough and we have both had to overcome illness and injury but we're determined to cross the finish line and hopefully we will be vertical when we do!!

Our two gorgeous girls Daisy and Phoebe have also been involved. Daisy donated her $2 from the Tooth Fairy and they both along with some of their friends helped with our very successful bucket shake at Botany Town Centre where we raised an amazing $532!  They also had the idea of selling Angel shaped cookies to their class mates at school for morning tea for $1 a cookie so the school have happily agreed to that.  It's wonderful to see the kids getting involved and such a valuable lesson for them to learn, the importance of giving to others.

We would love to raise $2,000 for the Hospice and will keep thinking of ways to raise money until we reach our goal and who knows, we may even exceed it! 

Jen, Jim, Daisy and Phoebe


If you are able to help with this wonderful cause you can donate money by visiting Jen & Jim's sponsorship page.  Whether you can afford $1 or $100 every dollar helps!  Just click on the picture below to donate!  Thank you x

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