Monday, 12 November 2012

Food Additives...only in New Zealand!

My quest for good health has led me on so many paths over the last twelve months everything from the dangers of artificial sweeteners to eating raw foods.  I have learned so much about nutrition and diet and after a year with weight watchers I feel like I am finally able to make good choices when it comes to what I put in my mouth and in the mouths of my children.

However....(come on you knew that was coming!) I was rather shocked by an article I read in the Herald this week about additives that are allowed in our food here in New Zealand.  Additives that are banned in other countries across the world because of side effects such as high blood pressure, skin rashes, breathing problems, allergic reactions and the link between cancer and some of these additives.

The question is why have these additives not been banned here in New Zealand if research clearly shows they are harmful to our health? It seems to be the consensus of opinion that if we did not have a joint food regulatory board with Australia that these food additives would not have made it onto our shelves.  However this bothers me too as I am quite sure that the people of Australia have no more wish than us to be slowly poisoned from the inside out!  Whether or not we make decisions with our neighbours in Australia I want to know why these additives are not even being phased out here or in Australia?  There are in fact no immediate plans whatsoever to do anything about these issues as apparently according to Spokeswoman for FSANZ, Lorraine Belanger, believes "all additives we have approved are safe", as reported in The Herald back in October 2012.

I suppose the fact that having a joint regulatory board across all the states of Australia plus New Zealand decisions of a unanimous vote are maybe harder to achieve but surely both countries have their people's health at the forefront of all their decisions?!!  Am I over simplifying this? To me it seems pretty simply -   Additive proved to be causing health problems - remove from shelf!!!  As far as I can see it IS as simply as that.

As I am learning though it is never as simply as that we only have to go back to issues I recently blogged about concerning the toxicity content of immunizations to see that although they may be proven links to all sorts of side effects and health problems governments decide to take a 'Oh it'll be alright for most' approach.  I digress....

Unlike immunizations though there are NO health benefits to even one person by continued use of these additives in our foods, they help NO ONE!  It is more I would think a question of convenience and the money it would cost to overhaul the industry where these additives are common place.  I love New Zealand but we do seem to have an attitude that can be just a little too laid back at times.  Some of these additives cause cancer or least that's what the research is saying.  Would you go out and buy a product that said on the packet - Lollies for kids get a free helping of cancer with that?  Of course you wouldn't so why are we sitting back and doing nothing?

The very least we can do as a group of individuals is make our presence felt by writing into the food regulators and government (I know how happy they will be to hear from me again :-)  but the most important thing we can do is NOT BUY products containing these ingredients.

I have managed to obtain a list of some of the problem additives and will add to the list as I research further.  I would appreciate anyone who finds these additives in products to post on my wall and let people know which processed foods we should avoid.  Let's face it though folks I think processed food should be avoided completely but it would at least be nice to know which ones should be well and truly struck off our shopping lists for good.

I would also strongly suggest you send a clear message to companies out there still using these products that as consumers we will simply not tolerate there use.  Write to these people let them know what you think and let's send a clear message to our government that this is not acceptable.

Ministry for Primary Industries

By Phone: (within New Zealand) 0800 00 83 33

You must also take a look at the government page where it talks about additives and studies done that show hyperactivity, asthma, breathing difficulties, allergic reactions results in children but apparently it effects such a small percentage and such a lot would need to be ingested that it's OK to carry on using them!! It makes for unbelievable reading after all these products as I have said before carry no health benefits whatsoever, so surely even a slight risk to human safety and they should be removed?

There are currently at least 14 additives in our foods here in Green New Zealand that are banned across the world. They are used in foods such as sweets, soft drinks, mushy peas, biscuits, ice cream, jelly, pickles and sausages to name but a few!  Make a note to drop them from your life!

-->Don't even get me started on how many other sweeteners should be on the banned list!! Check out my previous blog

Have a great day folks

Kate x

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  1. Terrifying isn't it?! Eat 'clean' as often as you can people, that's my advice!

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