Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Fun

I think December is my favourite month as a homeschooling Mum.  You are never short of lesson plans or craft activities when you get to the season of good will.

We decided to make use of the insane amount of odd socks (Where do they all come from?) we had collected again this year and turned them into an advent calender.  We were going to do a new advent calender with match boxes but it turns out matches are really quite expensive these days so back to socks this year!

Our school room has Christmas decorations up and today we start our study about the true meaning of Christmas along with all the fun stuff like Santa, reindeer and gingerbread houses too.  We try to achieve a good balance of understanding about what Christmas is really about along with the magic that makes Christmas fun for kids.

One of my favourite fun things for the kids is the very awesome website Santas portable north pole that never fails to amaze my children.  My two are 6.5 and 3 years old and I love that my eldest still believes in Santa and all the magic of Christmas.  Although I do go to extremes every year to make it so.  My brother-in-law has for the last two years come down to our house and wandered outside with sleigh bells just to really drive my kids wild with excitement!! 

If you haven't tried out the portable north pole you simply must it's great fun.  You answer a few questions and it makes a personalised video for your child that will not disappoint and it's FREE! Although this year they have offered the upgrade (which we did this year and was totally worth it) plus all the fun stuff you can purchase from the PNP shop.

Arts and crafts are in abundance on google for Christmas and a quick search will have you sorted for the month with everything from Christmas cookie recipes to making snowmen or reindeer!  I love Google!

The other thing I love about the silly season and homeschooling is that because my kids are so excited about Christmas it is an opportunity to get them learning everything from Math to Social studies through a subject matter that requires no effort for my kids!  Count the reindeer, bake Christmas cakes and cookies, Write Christmas poetry, Study how other cultures celebrate Christmas, emphasize the giving and not getting, music, drama and even Newton's three laws on motion and Santas sleigh the list is wonderfully endless! Not sure they even realise they are learning at this time of the year, it's just so easy!

 Christmas is the easiest month by far to teach and the most enjoyable! Loving every second of being a homeschool Mum I am just so lucky!  

Happy Holidays folks, have fun and be nice to each other!

Kate xx