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Charli's Crafts - Guest Blog

My guest blogger today is someone very special to me, it's my eldest daughter Charlotte.  

Charlotte is only 7 years old and she has started her own little business called 'Charli's Crafts' and today she would like to share some of the awesome things that she is making with you all.


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Hi Everyone

My name is Charlotte and I am seven years old and live in Auckland with my Mum and my little sister Rosie who is three years old.  My Mum is typing for me today as it would take me a very long time if I had to do it on my own!

Kids Fleece Hats
When I six years old my Mum showed me how to use a sewing machine.  It was really good fun and I wanted to sew all the time.  I am really lucky as I am a homeschooler and I get to learn at home with my Mum and my little sister.  We get to do all sorts of cool things and learning to sew was one of them.  The first things I made were for a homeschool project.  When my project was over I still wanted to sew and the things I was making I wanted to sell.

Kids Fleece Hats

My Mum rang the lady who runs the Orewa craft market and I got to do a stall there one week.  I did really well and it was really good fun.  I found it quite hard to talk to people at first but after a while I enjoyed it.  I have now done four craft fairs and my Mum has helped me set up a website and a facebook page where I can show people what I make and sell stuff.

Tote Bags
When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer and make lots of lovely things.  I am really excited that I have been in the newspaper and I am going to be in the Little Treasures magazine too.  Today my favourite shop Spotlight wrote to me and they are going to do a story about what I make too.  It's really exciting and I am having fun.  My Mum makes me wait till after my learning to do my sewing now even though I would much rather sew than do Maths! I love weekends when I can sew as much as I want to.
Tablet Covers

I was really excited when my Mum got me sewing lessons and I have a really nice lady come to visit me at my house every month called Diane Lemmon.  I am learning so much and I got to make my own party dress.  It was the coolest thing ever to wear it at my church camp.  I am going to make my little sister a dress next, I would like it to match mine.
Tooth Fairy Pillows

I hope you enjoy my pictures - if you would like to come and visit me on facebook :-)

Charli xx 

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tablet Covers, Phone Covers and Glasses Cases

Tote Bags

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  1. I love your tooth fairy pillows and tablet covers Charlotte, they are lovely!


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