Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hashimotos Forever...

Today has been another good day and yet another day where I haven't needed a rest to get through the day.  In fact I even went out for a little walk with the girls down to the duck pond.

I have been doing heaps of research today and talking with others who have Hashimoto's as I start to understand something I seemed to have missed along this journey.  The fact that Hashimoto's is going to be my 'friend' forever, once you have it, it isn't going anywhere.   Not sure where I got the idea that a thyroidectomy(TT) was a cure for the condition but I was very mistaken it seems.  As yet there is no cure for this auto immune disease.  The TT will improve things I hope and one lovely lady told me it will help the hormonal fluctuations which should help but basically it's not going anywhere.

Now I have to decide my next move.  According to my research the first thing I need to do is go Gluten free as gluten is a trigger for Hashi's.  I also need to get all my vitamins and mineral levels checked on a regular basis, which I am going to look into next week with my GP.  I might even self refer myself to medlabs and get everything I want tested then sent through to my GP, might be easier. I already know I am vitamin D deficient but whether the supplement I am currently taking is hitting the spot only a new blood test will tell.

I am staying positive though because I do truly believe things are much easier to deal with when you understand them.  For years I have suffered with weird and wonderful symptoms everything from severe headaches, intolerance to cold, digestive issues, gall bladder problems, hair loss and most of all aches and pains all over my body that at times has been debilitating.  I am hoping things are going to improve ten fold but at least I know when I am having a bad day with my hips or some other joint in my body hurting I will know what it is, so at least the worry side of all this can be put on hold!!  I also know it won't last forever and will have weeks where I feel on top of the world and perfectly normal. 

I am going to spend the next few weeks looking at going gluten.  I am not ready to ask anything else of myself right now but it certainly does seem to be the way to go.  I bought myself a book today called 'Stop the Thyroid Madness' so will continue my research when it arrives next week.  Managed to get it a lot cheaper at the book depository.

I just wish I had understood that the Hashi's was here to stay, it was hard not to feel incredibly disappointed and ever so slightly depressed about the whole thing.  I am not one for wallowing though so tomorrow I AM going to wake up and get on with finding out how best to live my life with this disease with the least amount of interruption to my life and the lives of others around me. (Gosh bordering on sounding almost positive tonight!!)

Thanks to all the lovely people I have spoken to about this today, your words have meant a lot to me.  There is definitely something to be said about knowing you are not alone and that there are literally millions of other people in exactly the same boat as you.

Well folks that's me signing off for the night....Miranda is due on shortly and I could do with a really good giggle!!

Lastly have I said how fab my folks are?  Well they are...without them right now I don't know what I would do, their support, their love and broad shoulders to cry on are simply everything a daughter could wish for at a time like this, thank you both so much.  You are two incredibly people and my daughters and I love you very much.

Kate x

I wish I hadn't had to have my thyroid out at all and that I had taken my problem more seriously earlier.  If I had found out about the Thyroid factor I would have tried this than surgery!

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