Saturday, 25 May 2013

Stamp Art by Katherine Armon


What an awesome first outing with my new Stamp Art!

Orewa Craft Market

I went along to Orewa Craft Market today.  It was very quiet with not many people through, but then the weather was cold and yuck!!  However my Stamp Art was received really well with lots of positive comments and compliments.

I got my first commission which was rather exciting, they want an Australian themed piece in a certain size.  I had a number of people take my number whilst they went home to measure spaces and so forth.

All in all a very positive first outing.   I was so very nervous of putting my work out there, almost convinced everyone would hate it!!!  But people were so nice and nearly everyone stopped to take a look which was very encouraging.

Due at Puhoi market tomorrow with the added fun of my very talented friend Jen from there selling her beautiful cake toppers.  If you are in the area come and pay us a visit!

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 Have a great week!

Kate x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

My Perfect Man!!

Well Hello Lovely People

I hope you have had a wonderful week!  We had a fantastic mini break in Rotorua but it is always good to get home isn't it.  Even though I seem to be faced with a bomb site and mounds of washing. I am not even sure where all the mess came from...anyway I digress!!  Who wants to talk about washing what a dreary blog that would be!

So I was thinking today, or rather daydreaming about my ideal know if you could tailor make yourself a fellar from scratch...wouldn't that be a blast! I decided my ideal man would start off (obviously) with my mega crush David Tennant.  I love a man with talent. I have a friend who is a simply beautiful when he plays the piano and whenever I watch him play I fall a little more in love with him....can't help myself.   Sorry back to reality (yeah right) David Tennant for his talent, hair and of course as my daughter pointed out his ability to travel through space and time.  (I didn't have the heart to break it to her!)

Now if you put a little bit of fictional superhero then my new muse 'Oliver Queen' from the action packed new series 'Arrow' is perfect.  Who doesn't want a man who can pick you up and hold you close like Olly can....yum.  Plus you gotta love a man fighting for good against evil and righting the worlds wrongs.

This is going to be a very strange man by the time I have finished!  Next I would throw in some Mr Darcy, preferably of the Colin Firth variety.  Mr Darcy appeals for his old fashioned values, manners, etiquette and his intelligence.  Mr Darcy's image is obviously helped along somewhat by the gorgeous actor Colin Firth.

Next I think I would add (gosh it really does sound like a recipe!) a little bit of spy in the form of Mr Bond, Mr Spooks Man or either guy from Strikeback(!!).  Reason.....well just because really! There is something that just rings my bell when it comes to spies, action heroes and espionage!!  I know totally fictitious characters but sexy men.  

No pouty lip comments please Jen ;-)

Now for the maturity after all it's no fun dating men who haven't grown up yet!  For this part of my perfect man recipe their can be only one man for the job.  The gorgeous Martin Shaw...I know he's old enough to be my Dad but he is just yummy. Comes across as a real gentle man in interviews and he seems real old school which I just love. 

Then I need a bit of cuddleness in the form of Jason Segal, is cuddleness a word?!  My spell check doesn't like it but I don't care cuddleness is the only word that works here!!  Not really a muscle loving girl, I like strength but not so much muscle.

Then on top of all that he has to have the faith, kindness and loving I see in my own Dad....awww

So to sum up my perfect man then it looks like he needs to be a cuddly, talented shakespearian actor who can play the piano, travel through space and time dressed in period costume.  Who moonlights as a spy during the day and is a crime fighting superhero at night.  He needs to be older, good looking with impeccable manners, warm, kind, considerate, loving and to top it off a man of faith who doesn't mind dating a woman carrying a few extra pounds, who is only 5"4 and has two kids under 7 :-) Doable?  I think so!! 

Now I know what I am looking for perhaps it's time to start a new dating profile.....yeah right (in the words of the Tui Ads!!)  Would be kind of fun though to put that in my dating profile, although I have the strangest feeling I would never get a single email!!   

I love daydreaming though don't you?  It's something I have been great as since I was a child and an ability I have not lost as an adult.  My teachers at school told me off for it on a regular basis!  

As you can see my lovely readers I am totally moving on and getting on with my life and picking up the pieces!  I even made the effort to shave my legs today, blunted two razors to do it but I did it.  The woolly mammoth look wasn't suiting me, the whole natural thing.....hmm didn't feel that natural!  I have at least stopped sulking and my smile has returned.  How could it not with my new Mr Right just waiting to meet me and he does sound rather delicious does he not?!

Well had better hit the sack I have an early start tomorrow. Goodnight all and have a great weekend!

Kate x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

You have to laugh...

You have to laugh when dining out on Mother's Day at the Gengy's in Rotorua when the CD player gets stuck repeating the song 'All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself'  then if that isn't bad enough once it finally moves onto the next song (after 3 repeats) we get 'I will survive' followed by bloody ABBA 'The Winner Takes it All' .  I actually got a fit of the giggles, I think my kids thought I was slightly insane!!  Life is a funny old thing isn't it.  You just got to keep laughing :-)