Saturday, 25 May 2013

Stamp Art by Katherine Armon


What an awesome first outing with my new Stamp Art!

Orewa Craft Market

I went along to Orewa Craft Market today.  It was very quiet with not many people through, but then the weather was cold and yuck!!  However my Stamp Art was received really well with lots of positive comments and compliments.

I got my first commission which was rather exciting, they want an Australian themed piece in a certain size.  I had a number of people take my number whilst they went home to measure spaces and so forth.

All in all a very positive first outing.   I was so very nervous of putting my work out there, almost convinced everyone would hate it!!!  But people were so nice and nearly everyone stopped to take a look which was very encouraging.

Due at Puhoi market tomorrow with the added fun of my very talented friend Jen from there selling her beautiful cake toppers.  If you are in the area come and pay us a visit!

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 Have a great week!

Kate x

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