Wednesday, 11 September 2013

They made me a Celebrant!

They made me a Celebrant!

I know it's been a very long time since I last blogged and for this I apologize.  I have received a number of emails over the last couple of months asking me if I was ever going to blog again, which of course was kind of nice really to know people actually read what I write!

I have been very preoccupied for the last few months on a new project.  A number of years ago when I lived in Howick I applied to become a marriage celebrant.  I handed in what I thought was the perfect application and was flatly turned down.  I was absolutely devastated but I decided that I would re-apply in a few years once I had settled into my new community on the Hibiscus coast.  So for the last few years I have been getting involved with my community and getting to know the people who live here.

With some trepidation I decided to start getting together a new application.  I was overwhelmed with support from the friendly people on the coast.  My application was suitably boosted by a letter of recommendation from my local MP (who is a total sweetheart by the way and has the nicest personal assistant possible).  It took me a good eight weeks to get the application together and looking just the way I wanted it to.

I sent it off two days before I took off to Australia with my folks and the girls (which I must blog about!)  The next two weeks were the longest ever.....(which was nice really as we were on our hols!) I felt like I waited at least two months for an answer!!  An email arrived the day after I got back home and I can't tell you how fast my heart was beating when I saw it arrive in my inbox.  I stared at it for at least five minutes before I opened it.

'We are pleased to tell you that your application to become an independent marriage and civil union celebrant has been accepted'  At the time I was sitting in the car waiting for my Mum who was in the chemist buying medicines for my horribly sick children.  As she approached the car I told her and we both promptly burst into tears, hugged and danced round the car!  I don't think I could be any happier than I am right now!  (Apart from the sickly children of course!)

Now one of the reasons I have been so quiet is that I have been building a website for my new role as a Celebrant.  I figured that I should forge ahead as if I was going to be accepted and then keep everything crossed that I actually got accepted and hadn't wasted hours and hours, days and days, weeks and weeks on building the website and gathering together years worth of research.  You can view my new website at   I would love to know what you think of it, I am really proud of it.

Within a few hours of launching my website I had 500 hits and a number of wedding enquiries.  I thought people might be put off by the newbie on the block but it seems that people are more than willing to give you a chance.

So a new chapter in our lives has begun and I am pretty excited about it.  I don't think life gets any more perfect than this.  Two beautiful children who I get to teach and see everyday, my dream job laying a path in front of me, a wonderful family around me  the only thing that's missing is David Tennant on my arm ;-)  just kidding.  I have to say that right now I am pretty much content with my lot in life, comfortable with myself and comfortable at last being a single 'working' 'homeschooling' Mum :-)

Back to Salads!!
I think the only other thing that maybe needs addressing (I should probably have left out the 'maybe' in this sentence and replaced it with 'definitely') is my weight and diet.  Since having the thyroid operation my battle with the bulge has come under fire.  I would love to tell all the people about to have their thryoid out that weight gain is a myth but for me it has been.
But and it's a big but I do feel better for the thing being taken out.  It is now time to look a little more closely at what I am eating and return to a diet that will help me lose a few of the extra pounds I seem to have acquired recently.  To be fair I think a few of those pounds are more from the chocolate I have been devouring than from the thyroid operation!!  I felt rather sorry for myself immediately after the operation and was sulking like a child and that for me equals eating biscuits!  So back on the wagon, afterall I want to look good in my new celebrants outfits!!!

Have a great day!


Kate x