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Fluoride in Water Good or Bad?

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I am very pleased today to welcome Fluoride Free NZ as my guest blogger.  There has been a lot of press recently about the issue of fluoride in our water and the harmful effects it could be having on your health.  After hours of endless research looking at medical studies and watching I don't know how many videos and presentations I am in NO doubt that I never want to drink fluoridated water again!  We have been buying bottled water now for about two months and I have noticed all sorts of improvements in my families health.  In particular for me absolutely no more heartburn, which is wonderful.

We should have a say in what goes into the water we drink, this is a medication it's that simple.  I don't appreciate being given medication without my permission!  This is your opportunity, don't take my word for it, I'm not a doctor the information is out there, check it out and make an informed choice.


SAY NO to fluoride in our water !

Is Your Water Making you Fat? 

by Mary Bryne

This may seem like a strange question but if you are having trouble losing weight, or are feeling tired or depressed, and don’t know why, it could actually be the chemical added to your drinking water.

A fluoride chemical is added to the drinking water in many towns and cities in New Zealand. (See Is My town fluoridated). There are many adverse health effects associated with ingesting fluoride including brittle bones, impaired immune system, ADHD, lowered IQ and lowered thyroid function.

Low thyroid is a major reason why many people cannot lose weight no matter what they do. And low thyroid function is reportedly to be seriously under diagnosed in New Zealand. It is already known to affect around 15% of women with estimated 15% - 20% more women over 60 with sub clinical hypothyroidism. Thyroxine is the 19th most commonly prescribed drug in New Zealand.

And guess what? Doctors in Germany, France and Argentina successfully used pharmaceutical grade fluoride to treat hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid) for many years up until the 1950s when safer medications became available. Doctors prescribed 2 – 5 mg per day of fluoride to patients to lower their thyroid, the same level that many New Zealanders are exposed to as a result of water fluoridation.

Fluoride chemicals are added to the water supply at a rate of between 0.7ppm and 1ppm, with most councils aiming 0.85ppm. This means for every litre of water there is 0.85mg of fluoride. If a person drinks 3 litres a day (ten cups of tea coffee or water) plus any processed foods made with fluoridated water, they are easily receiving 2.5mg per day, and that is not including the fact that some foods are high in fluoride such as fish and tea.

In 2006 the US National Research Council (NRC) found that very low levels of fluoride can affect people’s thyroid. Normally the Ministry of Health only talks about the dose of fluoride that is being added to the drinking water, but what is really important is the dosage that people are receiving. Dosage is milligram per kilo per day (mg/kg/day) and is how medicine is normally prescribed. The NRC found that dosages as low as 0.05 – 0.13 mg/kg/day when the person has adequate levels of iodine and 0.01 – 0.03 mg/kg/day when iodine is inadequate is likely to affect the human thyroid.

So this could explain for many people why they are having so much trouble losing weight even though they do everything possible (including drinking more water!) and still don’t lose weight.

The NRC was set up by the US Government’s National Academy of Science, which is the top scientific body in the US, to review fluorides in drinking water. In the US some parts have very high levels of fluoride and their maximum allowable limit is 4ppm. The NRC was charged with reviewing all the scientific data on fluoride to establish if 4ppm was safe. This was the most extensive review that has ever been carried out, and even though it was not looking at fluoridation per se, a lot of the data they reviewed was relevant to the levels of fluoride used in fluoridation. The Review found that 4ppm was not protective health but was not allowed to state what it would consider a safe limit. Three of this 12 member panel have been brave enough to speak up against fluoridation and they can be seen on this video along with other health or scientific professionals.

This information is even more important when we think about bottle fed babies. Fluoride cannot be boiled out so many babies in New Zealand are receiving a huge dose of fluoride. In fact, a bottle fed baby in a fluoridated area receives around 200 times more fluoride than a breast fed baby even if the mother is consuming fluoridated water. Considering, there are now 35 published studies linking fluoride to lowered IQ, this must be one of the most reckless things the government can do. And we even have proof that children are receiving too much fluoride as, according to MoH data, 44% of children have some form of dental fluorosis. This is white spots or marks on the teeth and even though, for most children, it does not look that bad, it is the first outward sign they have been overdosed with a toxic substance.

Another horrifying aspect of this is that the fluoride chemicals used (hydrofluorosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride) are often contaminated with heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. These chemicals have been captured from the chimneys of the phosphate fertiliser industry as they are too toxic to be allowed into the air. The phosphate fertiliser industry is required to have caps on their chimneys which capture the fluoride so that it does not poison the surrounding environment. Many people do not realize that fluoride contamination is what kick started the in the Green movement. See this informative and riveting interview with the author of The Fluoride Deception which explains how fluoridation came into being. As a result of the fluoride being extracted from the chimneys it contains trace amount of these various heavy metals and even though the levels are low, no amount of arsenic, mercury, lead or cadmium should be added to drinking water.

So why add it to the water?

It used to be thought that children needed fluoride as to harden the enamel of their growing teeth. However, nowadays most of the top fluoride researchers, including top New Zealand ones, know that fluoride needs to be applied directly to the teeth to reduce dental decay. Therefore, there is no good reason to continue fluoridation but it appears the Ministry of health is determined not to lose face and most councilors are more concerned with votes than people’s health.

To stop fluoridation in New Zealand we need thousands of people to be informed and to do something about it. Please visit our web site and subscribe to our periodic emails and “like” Fluoride Free New Zealand facebook.


This blog was written by Fluoride Free NZ 

So there you have it folks, there are some powerful arguments in there.  Now it's your turn find out more about Fluoride and the

toxic and harmful effects it could be having on your family.

Have a good week

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