Friday, 4 October 2013

It doesn't get much better than this!

One month on from my new appointment as a celebrant I find myself asking the question 'So how's it going Kate, are you enjoying it so far?' I am very happy to report that the answer is absolutely and completely a 'YES'

This is by far the most enjoyable position I have ever had.  To date I have nine weddings and two baby namings booked and I can't wait to officiate at my first event.  I have met some absolutely wonderful people so far and it feels like such an honour to be sharing these special times with them and helping to write and develop beautiful ceremonies.  The writer in me is thoroughly enjoying the experience of ceremony writing...well it's so romantic isn't it!!

One of the things I have learned to so far is that everyone wants something totally different, no two couples are the same.  I am not sure you could ever get bored doing this job because of that one fact.  I have couples asking for simple to the point short ceremonies and I have couples wanting to write their own vows and have hour long ceremonies.  Inside and outside weddings, at home and at a beautiful venue.  As yet no one has asked me to marry them whilst clinging to a parachute for dear life possibly which is possibly the only thing I wouldn't be up for!

My website is finished although I expect it will grow as I do over the coming months and years.  I was rather thrilled to get some free advertising from Google adwords when I went live with my website which is proving to be useful and also giving me an idea of whether adwords is worth doing in the future.  I am really enjoying that side of my business from designing business cards and rack cards to launching my website.  Although past projects may not have been successful they taught me a great deal about advertising, websites and social media and it has helped me immeasurably in my efforts to get Celebrant Ceremonies For You out there in the public domain.

It's been a busy week this week, I found an outfit (with a lot of help from Mum!), received my new folders from a very neat company called one for the wedding certificate to sit in for my couples to sign and a matching one for me to read from.  Plus a groovy new pen for my couples to use when they sign the register and my biggest most expensive purchase a PA system.  That is to say I have chosen it and now just need to pay for it!!  I am honestly having the time of my life, it really feels as if life is moving in a wonderful new and exciting direction.....FINALLY!

In other news we are enjoying the school holidays.  The kids have discovered the joys of New World miniatures.  Now there's a company that must be giving their marketing person a raise right now.  My kids are completely mini mad!!  Being the super patient and kind parent that I am ;-)  I let the girls mark out their playroom with masking tape to create the ultimate barbie world....and the only reason I am not going mental about the mess is that they have played for hours in it!  All thanks to some funny little miniature food items.  Barbie now has a supermarket, hairdressers, hospital, roads and carparks.  Just wish I could close the door on it!!  Still it's worth it when I can hear them playing together with no electronic help whatsoever just their little imaginations going wild!

The other really awesome thing about these toys is that instead of pestering me and throwing tantrums whilst I repeatedly say no to all their sweet demands (oh I could write a blog just based on checkouts in supermarkets!!) the kids now stand in line oblivious to the sweets next to them waiting for me to get to the checkout lady.  They can't wait to speak to her and watch her get out the 'magic' bag of toys.

No new news on the dating front, for now I think I have given up on love (can you hear those violins?!)  I know there must be someone out there for me somewhere but right now he doesn't seem to be anyway remotely close to me!  I am contented for now listening to everyone tell me their love stories.  In a funny kind of way it helps, it's rather cathartic, I find myself getting swept away with the romance of it all.

I am finding the whole internet dating thing a bit intimidating these days.  I was telling my best buddies the other day about a guy who sent me a picture and let me be clear it wasn't of his face!  I just don't get it, nothing would possess me to reply to someone sending me that kind of picture, it's actually slightly terrifying to be honest!!  Apart from which where's the mystery?  How weird would it be to go out on a first date, to a restaurant or something having already seen what's underneath his trousers?!  Nope not for me, I am no prude but really does anyone really want to see that?  So although I haven't cancelled my membership I am certainly on the brink of it!!!! Although to be fair not all internet dating sites are created equal.  I recently rejoined findsomeone which seems to be for people who are looking for something a little more serious. It is hard though when you are single to put yourself out there, and even harder when you do and things don't work gets harder each time.

There also has to be something said for staying single.  I don't have to share the controller for the TV, I can eat what I like, I can go out when I like, holiday where I want.  I think perhaps if I didn't have my girls it would be harder to be single but when you have a young family they take up so much of your time it doesn't really matter.  I did have a moment of panic recently whilst on holiday is Australia.  I saw this woman in a pub eating by herself, one plate, one setting and I could suddenly see myself twenty years from now and I have to say it made me want to cry.  The idea of my kids having grown up and left home and living their own lives and suddenly being on my own for real....hmmm time to change the subject!! As my Mum keeps telling me Mr Right is out there I am just not ready to meet him yet :-) What would I do without you Mum :-)

I am really excited to be taking my little Charlotte into Auckland on Wednesday night to see Wicked.  We are having a Mum and daughter night out and the ginger ninja (AKA Spiderman note not Spider 'girl' ) is staying with my folks for the night.  I am planning to take her out to dinner somewhere really nice afterwards just haven't made up my mind where yet. 

Well it's getting should sign off, there's just about enough time for a cuppa before bed.   I know, I know you shouldn't drink tea before bed but tonight I am going all out, I might even have a piece of toast as well really go what diet?!

Have a good week folks

Kate x

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