Monday, 7 October 2019

An Unexpected Day

We were supposed to be at the hospital today, but it's been delayed till tomorrow at 3pm. We thought all our time would be taken up with scans and tests but this is not the case at all.  Although, that may change of course when I see the doctor, I didn't think of that. I know I have to see the anesthesiologist and the physio as well. Trying not to think about the operation, we haven't even had a walk to the hospital yet.

So, with an unexpected day in front of us we thought we would just stay home and rest. But, after a few hours sitting around we started to get bored. We decided we would go out for a short walk. 

Instead we ended up taking a tram going towards the old town.  We didn't really intend to get off but just sit on the tram and take in the scenery but it just looked so amazing!

We picked a random stop and got off and see what was there! We got off the tram and found ourselves standing outside of a beautiful building with a sign that read 'Kunsthaus'.

Our adventure had led us to an art gallery.  After a lot of persuasion on my part assuring Craig I would be alright to walk around for a bit, we went in.  I had read about the art gallery and knowing what a huge art fan Craig is I kind of hoped we might be able to go there.  So, finding ourselves standing outside the place, I decided it was a 'sign', and refusing to take any notice of Craig's protestations about whether I could manage, we went in.  

Claude Monet

Having a rest whilst enjoying pictures by Giovanni Segantini

I am so glad we did.  My favourite part of the whole day was watching Craig's reactions to seeing painters by such great masters like Vincent Van Gogh, Vuillard, Monet, Manet, Rembrandt, Van Dyke, Picasso, Canoletti, Warhol and more.   

Vincent Van Gogh

He was like a child in a sweet shop and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I love art but really only like the old masters, the new contemporary stuff well, you can stick it.  

I'm sorry I can see the art in this!

I did realise I was tremendously gullible when Craig turned to me very seriously and said 'Look it's Rochefort's Escape by Manet, it depicts Charlie Chaplin escaping in a boat' and I said 'really?' staring most earnestly at the picture, at which point Craig almost fell on the floor laughing. It was painted in the 1881 so completely impossible, but it was so like Charlie Chaplin and he said it with such honesty.....totally caught, hook, line and sinker.

It does look like Charlie!

Upon leaving the gallery we decided to get back on the tram and head home but instead ended up going in the wrong direction ending up in the Old Town.  

My gosh I don't think I have ever seen anywhere so beautiful as this place.  The architecture is absolutely stunning, there isn't a single space that isn't stunning.  We wandered for a little until my body could take me no further.

We found ourselves at a restaurant called 'Adler's' .  Knowing we had to eat out today as we didn't realise all the shops were shut on a Sunday, we sat down at a table outside.  We were given great big rugs to put over our legs and two menus.  We ordered a big pot of bubbling cheese fondue and a plate of Raclette with meat.  It was just amazing.  

You can click on the video we made to see what it looked like, it was f***** amazing!!!!  

Craig actually looked drunk on cheese by the end.  

We found our way back onto the right tram and crawled back into our apartment where we both promptly fell asleep.  We woke up at midnight, changed into our pj's and slept through till 5am.  All this fresh Zurich air makes you tired.  I have to say though I struggled a bit in the night with pain, but it was totally worth it.

Apart from my wedding day, it will go down in both our books as the most perfect day ever, filled with laughter, love and adventure.  

Raclette toooooo good!

Today we are spending the day with my Aunt Magie and her husband Reuben. Craig has never met them so it will be a very special day to introduce them.  I didn't think we would get the chance to see them this side of the operation.  We are hoping to go out for lunch, they are taking us for the best Rosti in town.  If I told you I was excited it would be a gross understatement.  I could literally live on Rosti and never eat any other food!  Also spending time with family, well that's pretty special! It's been about 10 years I think since I last saw my Aunt.  Should be a good day!


Kate & Craig x

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